How to Pour Anchor Cement





Introduction: How to Pour Anchor Cement

Anchor Cement is a fast-setting, general purpose grouting material designed to anchor bolts or railings into concrete for a super tight grip. Fast Set Cement Mix is formulated for setting fence posts quickly and easily. Simply pour the mix into the hole and add water. The product sets in minutes, allowing fence to be hung the same day.



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    Not SPAM at all!! It is educational and informative. It is sponsored by a brand, so it is with many SUGRU, TECH SHOP, etc... instructables.
    The Sakrete guy is always there to answer for any question someone might have. Thumbs up!! I've learned a few things here watching their videos

    Joined one day, posted 11 "instructables" by the next day, all of which appear to be prepared by Sakrete. Sorry but this seems more like spam to me.

    Nope!!!!! It is NOT SPAM. To me, and most DIYers, IF it's educational AND costs nothing to learn, then it is not spam.

    Yup, smells like Spam....................................!!!!

    nope!!!!! It is NOT SPAM. To me, and most DIYers, IF it's educational AND costs nothing to learn, then it is not spam.

    Can you use aluminum in cement?

    I'm afraid we would need a bit more information. If you are asking about poles and posts we would recommend that metals be coated with a rust inhibitor before placing in any cement based product. If I haven’t answered your question gemtree please feel free to call 1-800- SAKRETE. Our technical support department will be more than happy to help you.
    The Sakrete Team

    NOT SPAM ! Some humans are only looking for something to put a judgment on! Any idea that is shared is not trash if it solves a problem, uses recycled materials when possible, and does not require a credit card to find out how it all comes together; even if it is shared all over the www. It took the devotion of TIME to post 11 projects. Some folks would rather raid the refrigerator than think of spending their time posting an idea that might help even one person. I’m going on to look at the other 10.

    Thank You lindatexas for your comments...We hope you find many usefull tips on using concrete products by viewing the videos. The Sakrete Team

    This is not Spam, Sakrete is just starting to spend some time to help educate DIYers on how to do different concrete projects. Please see our new website to also see these videos at