How to Prank Finger Nail





Introduction: How to Prank Finger Nail

I teach you how to make this good prank to give a shock to your family and friends!

Step 1: For This Prank Need:

  1. Nail
  2. Pliers to cut metal
  3. Fake blood
  4. Nail Glue

Step 2: We Started Cutting a Centimeter From the Bottom Edge of the Nail.

Step 3: Then Cut a Centimeter From the Upper Edge of the Nail.

Step 4: The Result Is Two Parts of Approximately One Centimeter on Each Side of the Nail.

Step 5: We Apply a Drop of Nail Glue on Top of Our Thumb.

Step 6: Place the Top of the Nail on the Adhesive and Press for 30 Seconds.

Step 7: We Perform the Same Procedure on the Bottom Edge of the Finger With the Lower End of the Nail.

Step 8: Finally, We Apply Fake Blood.

Step 9: This Is the Result, an Epic Prank to Give a Shock to Family and Friends.

Step 10:



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    I will try it this a Halloween

    that looks so realistic

    its nice but how to remove those nail pices

    Apply nail polish remover.

    very funny!!!!

    Thanks friend for comment!