Introduction: How to Prepare Absinthe

This is one method of preparing absinthe: pour it over a sugar cube (or sugar) which you then light on fire to caramelize it. Then, mix with water. A sugar cube would work better than the loose sugar that I used, since it will burn longer (and caramelize more thoroughly.)

The more traditional method is simply to run a slow stream of water over ice, called "louching" which creates the same beautiful clouding of the Absinthe liquor. Here's a Youtube video showing that method.


FlatLinerMEDIC (author)2012-08-08

Nobody has ever died from thujone...they have died from over intoxication of 3 bottles of wine and absinthe and then going home and killing their family and probably having a heart attack at seeing what they have done...

Boss_Sauce (author)2008-03-01

Remember, folks: drink your booze and burn your fuel-- not the other way around!!!

This phenomenon is associated with what passed for absinthe in Eastern Europe since ~1999 and has been gradually fading away since real absinthe was re-legitimized in the E.U. and the U.S.

Much more info at the Fee Verte and Wormwood Society forums and my blargh at

nagutron (author)Boss_Sauce2008-03-01

Well, there's the proper way, and then there's the fun way. Being no connoisseur, I opted for setting things on fire :)

Boss_Sauce (author)nagutron2008-06-19

The proper way is quite fun! You're doing it wrong.

Kaizer70 (author)Boss_Sauce2011-12-16

There is more than one way to prepare Absinthe. There is the cold drip method and then the fire method.

jmsaltzman (author)Kaizer702011-12-16

Yes, then there is stirring it into maple syrup and pouring it over black raspberry ice cream.

You can also drive your car with your hands on the pedals and feet on the steering wheel.

But why?!

Of course there are any number of ways to get absinthe in your body, but it's a flavorful drink that /should/ be enjoyed for its flavor, and there *is* a traditional method of drinking it that maximizes your enjoyment of it. That method is adding water (and maybe sugar) slowly to draw the oils out of suspension.

Tricks like burning some on a sugar cube only detract from the work that went into making it an awesome drink.


23mcharlotte (author)2008-03-03

since REAL absenth is not leagal in the USA I dont think that its worth drinking I want the real effects of the real absenth

nagutron (author)23mcharlotte2008-03-04

Good news: Absinthe was legalized in the US, last year. Hangar One (the distillery that produced the bottle you see in the video) is one of the few licensed producers of the real stuff.

23mcharlotte (author)nagutron2010-03-15

 NO NO NO REAL absenth is illeagal in the states beacause the way it is made it has toxins in it that can kill you(this is why it is illigal to make it or have it made as intended for sale)also it is the reason you see stuff while on it.

YES YES YES REAL absinthe is legal in the US. It's made with wormwood (artemisia absinthium) and is quite tasty. Many believe that the reason for the hallucinations is more the high level of alcohol and less the wormwood. Regardless, it's delicious stuff and you can easily make your own at home using the maceration technique, which is like making tea but with booze and herbs. We've made it a couple of times as well as a couple other herbal liqueurs that are delicious.

H3xx (author)darrenchittick2011-07-25

NO NO NO, The "real" Absinthe that he is referring to has much higher Thujone levels than the absinth made in the us. Thujone is toxic in high doses, and can cause hallucinations, a feeling of lightness, and a strong clearing of the mind, causing the user to focus on one thing very easily, especially when mixed with alcohol. reference: Personal experience. :)

Kaizer70 (author)H3xx2011-12-16

Little late to throw this in, but Bohemians and those of the sort would poison their Absinthe as well, which also added to its "hallucinogenic effects." With how things are nowadays, I assume it would be very difficult to procure a bottle of the "original" high thujone absinthe. But aside from that, Absinthe you find in the stores is still technically the real thing, its just not the ORIGINAL.

nagutron (author)2008-04-29

Check out this great video of how Absinthe itself is made:

xallie (author)2008-03-06

Well. if absinthe isn't legal, is wormwood legal? if it is i guess it wouldn't be to hard to make some drink that is similar to absinthe.

Aerospaced (author)xallie2008-03-09

Oddly enough, there are kits on eBay to make Absinthe. They include wormwood, therefore I can only assume it is legal.

nagutron (author)xallie2008-03-06

See my comment, below.

Good news: Absinthe was legalized in the US, last year. Hangar One (the distillery that produced the bottle you see in the video) is one of the few licensed producers of the real stuff.

xallie (author)nagutron2008-03-09

it doesnt´t matter if it have been legalized in US for me. i live in sweden.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-29

Cool video Eric Nguyen. :-) Not Willhelm. But still, cool. I liked it, never heard of absinthe before though...

nagutron (author)GorillazMiko2008-03-03

Well, no need for you to experience it for a good number of years, still. Plus, if your genes are anything like mine, you'll mostly just find yourself red-faced and slightly nauseous. Or, if you're like my brother, you'll be throwing up in short order.

gezortenplotz (author)2008-03-02

Meh. Window dressing -- like the salt and lime for shots of tequila. I recommend that if you don't like the taste of absinthe, switch to wine coolers. Grow a pair. Don't play with your food, just drink it.

Dude, right on

nagutron (author)Pony Rice 2008-03-03

Btw, what do people think of louching? Is that window dressing, too? Honestly, I've never heard of people just drinking absinthe neat. I actually had a couple small glasses that way and liked it (Hangar One Verte, which is what we were drinking, is quite good) but was encouraged to try both the louching and the the sugar caramelization methods. In any case, I'm no purist, nor a slave to tradition. Sometimes I want a shot of tequila (what a man! observe the heft of my "pair"!) and sometimes I want to kick back with a margarita.

nagutron (author)gezortenplotz2008-03-03
Kaons (author)2008-03-01

No ice man. Only cold water. Taste it

xrobevansx (author)2008-02-29

Just a question: Did you think switching the orientation of your camera would NOT somehow make the picture's orientation change on the screen? Nice instructable. I will try it!

nagutron (author)xrobevansx2008-03-01

Well, I'm the one in the video, so the blame's going to have to fall on my camerawoman. She was given many lashings for her incompetence.

astrozombies138 (author)2008-02-29

last time i had absinthe i had a little drink before, i insisted on drinking it with the spoon still on fire... interesting night.

Same thing happened to me, except with a wierd african whiskey type stuff, I managed not to burn anything but the roof of my mouth.

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