How to Prepare Prickly Pear


Step 3: DePrickle the Prickly Pear's Pokey Pads

Picture of DePrickle the Prickly Pear's Pokey Pads
Let's say you get home, and manage not to have all of the spines embedded in your hands. It's entirely possible to cut up and prepare the fruit without doing away with the glochids, but, frankly, it's worth the extra time it takes to remove them.

How? The same way we solve any problem: with fire.

Use a blowtorch to lovingly caress the surface of the fruits with a cleansing flame. The thin, reedy glochids will be incinerated much faster than it takes for the skin of the fruit to char or scorch. One fringe benefit of this method is that the heat from the flame makes the skin of the fruit glossy and brings out its vibrant red color.

Rinse the fruits off, and get ready to chop!
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