How to Prepare Reclaimed Wood

Picture of How to Prepare Reclaimed Wood
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I bought some wood off of craigslist. The fellow said it was redwood from a barn. I decided to restore it rather than using it with the aged look.  The Instructable will describe how I went through the process of getting the wood ready to plane using the planer/jointer at TechShop.

What you will need:
* Eye protection
* Ear protection
* Respirator while sanding
* Old wood
* Access to a Jointer/Planer
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Step 1: Remove Nails

Picture of Remove Nails
Absolutely no metal can go through the planer/jointer. If there is a nail or staple in your wood it will damage the blades and you will have to buy new ones. 

To make sure your wood is metal free follow these steps:
*  Visually inspect the wood. 
*  Remove all nails, screws, staples, rocks.
*  Look for problem areas. Cracks, loose knots and rotten wood. You may not want to plane those boards.
*  Use a hand sander to sand all sides of the wood. You can get away with just one pass The sander will find any last metal you missed. You may be able to see the metal - as it will be a little shinny dot. Or you may hear a new sound when the sander hits the metal.
* Cut off the ends of the boards if they are not even. This will help the wood feed through the planner.

terrible8111 months ago
You planned and sanded away all the character of that wood. I mean it's a nice table you've got there, but it looks so average...
tdc22021 year ago
Nice "ible" Groovy! The coffee table is beautiful. I wish we had a TechShop in Redding!
FN641 year ago
If you get a nick in a planner head...
Loosen one blade and move it about 1/32 to the left
Loosen a second blade and move it 1/32 to the right
Leave the third blade where it is.
now the "streak" from the nick will disappear.
fretted1 year ago
I've got a nice groove in my blades on my planer from a broken screw in the edge of a board by not using a magnet first i learned my 95 dollar lesson well never again without a magnet on reclaimed wood .

You would be surprised what you would and can find in fresh cut trees to planks nails screws chunks of metal bucket handle chains i've actually gotten rough cut lumber with large chain and musket balls in them of course the musket balls are pretty much mush but its scary to find it regardless
PS1181 year ago
Also, using a metal detector is HIGHLY recommended! (Missing one little nail can really mess up your tools!!!)
yoyology1 year ago
This is a great instructable, but if you want people to find it, you need to make sure you are spelling the words "plane", "planing", and "planer" correctly and consistently throughout.