Picture of How to Prepare a Delicious Aperitif
This aperitif is commercially known as "Gancia" and you can do it yourself following these simple steps.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
You will need (for a big party!):

4 cloves
4 peper corns
1 rosemary branch
3 cups with sugar
1 lemon peel (only the yellow part, no white part)
1 orange peel (only the orange part, no white part)
1 litre ethanol (AKA grain alcohol or drinking alcohol)
5 litres water

Step 2: Instructions

Picture of Instructions
1. Chop the cloves, peper corns, lemon and orange peel and rosemary branch altogether
2. Put the previous mixture into the water bottle
3. Add the alcohol and the sugar
4. Shake the mixture to integrate5.
5. Store the bottle in a dark place for about 15-20 days
6. You should shake it again every 1 or 2 days
7. On day 15-20, filter the mixture

Drink it Icy and with Lemon!
sockeye1014 years ago
Nope...It's moonshine XP
achilles4 years ago
I'm hoping I'm mistaken, but that looks a lot like rubbing alcohol in your picture....
Not the most safe thing to drink if you enjoy not vomiting, having a fully functioning liver, and the ability to see.
marcelo7300 (author)  achilles4 years ago
It's not rubbing alcohol!!!! It's grain alcohol, or ethanol which is drinkable. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethanol