How to Prepare a Delicious Aperitif


Introduction: How to Prepare a Delicious Aperitif

This aperitif is commercially known as "Gancia" and you can do it yourself following these simple steps.



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    Ahhh ! What a great instructable.
    Easy to understand. Not boring due to the fast action of time lapse video. Music to fit the subject.
    Thank you again.

    At a liquor store. In Oregon it is called "Grain Alchol" but is not a true 100% grain alchol. True Grain Alchol at 100% will kill you fast.

    I live in tha same country as Marcelo7300, where ethanol is available in drugstores for anybody who wish to buy it. Is different in the States and another places, where a person can buy only "rubbing alcohol""rubbing alcohol", which isn't suitable for human "internal" use.

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    Thanks for your help Limadito, I didn't know that it was not that easily available in other countries