How to Prepare a Quilt for Machine Quilting

video How to Prepare a Quilt for Machine Quilting
How to prepare a large quilt for machine quilting on your home sewing machine. Tools, tips, pinning, layering are all included. Although this shows a very large quilt, the methods work for any size quilt.

that is a very good idea, Im going to try making a table like yours. My problem is the quilt itself is so bulky I cant get it through the arm part. How can I do this without straining my wrists and my brain?

MargueritaM (author)  karen.manning.5497 days ago
Hi Karen, I have a video that I use to show how I roll my quilts. Not everyone loves rolling them but I like it because it gives me better control than any other method I've ever tried. Here's the link:
dblee1 year ago
Oh Marguerita! Thank you. I did quilting when a girl. Now I know several things that I had done wrong. But, Start In the Middle! No one ever told me but how brilliant. It makes all of the difference. Thank you so much. You are a genius to see the so-called, "obvious." Einstein did the same thing-described the obvious. Thank you again, sincerely, Debbie
MargueritaM (author)  dblee1 year ago
I'm so glad I was able to help you with your quilting! Thank you for your kind message, it made my day :)