How to prepare your pack for an upcoming Camping Trip

Picture of How to prepare  your pack for an upcoming Camping Trip
These instructions will help you prepare yourself for an upcoming adventure beneath the sky in the wilderness!

As human being we are all vulnerable to our earth’s elements, and it is important to prepare ourselves against the challenges that can appear while exploring its vast wonders.

These instructions are not difficult to understand because we all know what we need in order to live: water, food, shelter, and protection.  We will stay close to these points while preparing you for your time in the outdoors.

The time to prepare should take you approximately 45 minutes, depending on what supplies you already have on hand. 

This is something you can do because it is something you WANT to do!  After following these instructions you will be ready for almost any challenge the earth can throw at you!
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Step 1: Get a good durable pack for your things

Picture of Get a good durable pack for your things
It is important to find something rugged to house your belongings.

Step 2: Place a large garbage bag inside the pack

Picture of Place a large garbage bag inside the pack
Ensuring that the entire space of the pack is being utilized, fold the lip of the bag around the outside of the pack allowing access into the pack.  This will protect your gear from rain and water, so the thicker the garbage bag is, the better.

Step 3: Find these essential items:

Picture of Find these essential items:
1) Tarp      
2) Tent      
3) Sleeping bag and mat     
4) First aid kit        
5) Extra pair of clothing
6) Twice as many socks as you think you’ll need
7) Multi Tool      
8) Knife      
9) Flashlight
10)  Batteries
11)  Matches
12)  Poncho
13)  Compass
14)  Ziploc Bags
15)  Toiletries
16)  Food
17)  Rope
18)  Water Container
19)  Pen and Paper
20)  Communication (cell phone)

Step 4: Group together like-items

Picture of Group together like-items
Separate like-items into separate piles.  Keep in mind the items’ intended use.  For example it might be a good idea to have your toiletries grouped with your towel, and your batteries grouped with your flashlight.

Step 5: Waterproof your gear

Picture of Waterproof your gear
Place your like-items together in Ziploc baggies, or other watertight sacks.  You don’t want to be the sorry camper that wasn’t prepared after a rainstorm.  Its no fun trudging around in wet socks.