How to Preserve Meat





Introduction: How to Preserve Meat

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If you have the possibility to buy good quality meat in quite nice price, here is a way how you can make the best of it. After a nice dinner with rest of the meat you can enrich your pantry and give it a special admirable flavour.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

You need:

  1. 4,4 pounds (2 kg) of meat or more
  2. salt
  3. garlic
  4. marjoram
  5. warm water
  6. jars
  7. bay leaves

Step 2: How to Preserve the Meat ?

first cut the meat on little pieces or use meat mincer

Step 3: How to Add Flavour ?

rub the garlic with marjoram

and add it to the meat
add also salt , use 0.03 pounds (15 g) of salt for 2,2 pounds (1 kg) of meat

Step 4: How to Prepare the Meat Before Preserving?

put the meat to the fridge for 7 to 10 hours

after 7 - 10 hours fill the jars with meat, leave 1.1 inches ( 3 cm) of free space , pour some warm water and add bay leaf

Step 5: How to Preserve Meat?

next put jars to big cooking pot and fill it with water in 3/4 of height and cook it for 3 day :

first day for 1,5 hour (killing bacterias)

First pasteurization let maintain the meat for 1 month but you must keep it in temperature below 10 degrees

second for 1 hour (killing bacterial spores)

Second pasteurization let maintain the meat till 6 months , but still you must keep it in cold temperature below 10 degrees

third and last day for 1 hour (to make sure)

Third pasteurization let maintain the meat till 6 months and you can keep it in normal temperatures for example in basement

pull the jars from the pot and leave them to cool down

look at photo ( second) how the lid of the jar should look like
lid must be concave

hygiene is extremly importent!

Step 6: How to the Ready Meat Looks Like ?

the meat is ready ! now you can keep it in cool and dark place, like for example basement

when you decide to try it you'll find out that it smells wonderful and tastes even much much better

you can add it to :

  1. sandwiches
  2. sauces
  3. casserolles ect :-)

Bon Appetit!



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Hey guys, how do you think our ancients preseved meat, do they used pressure canners ? Of course you can be victim of botulism or E-coli related diseases, but after a few days in a hospital vomitting all your guts, you're gonna be fine and lighter, sure.

Worth mentioning life expectancy was much less in ancient times. prior to canning various curing methods where use to preserve meat, and spoilage was pretty evident when it occurs. Fermenting and pickling where used to preserve food including meat Most of those I know who do preserve food at home don't make light of thereat to life botulism ans some e coli pose to human life. After all it's 2016 and human kind has much of this figured out for decades.

I did this with ground beef. Is it okay if the meat sticks up higher than then the stock/broth level? I've stared at it but I'm afraid to open one.

Hi, it's totally ok :-) my meat , my grandma's and my sister's looks similar like yours so don't worry.

PS. Any canned food whether water bath or pressure cooked has a concave seal. I may not know much but my daddy did.

In my read of the instructable it seems like the

water bath canning process is being used, not pressure canning. t I believe the higher temperatures achieved with pressure canning is desirable when canning meat

Preserved meat without nasty chemicals. Awesome!

Great Instructable, very impressive!