Picture of How to Print Canvas Shoes with Inkodye
If you’re looking to reinvent your wardrobe with Inkodye, why stop at shirts? For those sunny days ahead, a personalized pair of canvas shoes is the perfect accessory.
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Step 1: Used in This Project:

Picture of Used in This Project:

Step 2: Gather

Picture of Gather
For this project, you will need Inkodye, a brush, straight pins, and of course a pair of light-colored canvas shoes. We recommend a pair of Vans Classic Slip-Ons. For this project, instead of a printed negative, we will be using plastic wrap and dark paint pens to freehand our design.

Step 3: Stuff

Picture of Stuff
Pack the shoe tight with paper to give yourself a firm work surface.

Step 4: Coat

Picture of Coat
Working indoors, apply Inkodye to the areas of the shoe you would like to print. Remember that Inkodye will works great on natural fabric, but will not print well on any rubber or plastic parts of the shoe.

Step 5: Wipe

Picture of Wipe
Use a paper towel to clear away excess dye. Be sure to also clean up any drips that may have gotten onto the rubber.

Step 6: Wrap

Picture of Wrap
Cover the shoe in three or four layers of plastic wrap. Some brands of paint pen may dissolve the top layer of plastic, so extra layers will keep the paint from reaching the shoe.

Step 7: Draw

Picture of Draw
Have fun and sketch to your heart’s content!

Step 8: Tip.

Picture of Tip.
Be sure to fully fill in black areas. Remember thicker lines will generally make a better print.

Step 9: Pin

Picture of Pin
It is important that the plastic wrap makes contact with the whole shoe, otherwise your print will turn out blurry. Place straight pins wherever you see the plastic wrap raising up.

Step 10: Repeat

Picture of Repeat
You didn't forget about your second shoe, did you?

Step 11: Expose

Picture of Expose
Bring the shoes into the sun and let the Inkodye work its magic. Be sure to turn the shoes every few minutes so the color develops evenly on all sides.

Step 12: Wait

Picture of Wait
Leave the shoes outside until the color is bold and vibrant. Our shoes took about 15 minutes to expose on a sunny afternoon.

Step 13: Reveal

Picture of Reveal
Bring the shoes indoors and carefully remove the pins and plastic wrap. Things are looking good!
kirnex2 years ago
This is an awesome Instructable. Your shoes came out great! I've never heard of Inkodye, but I'm going to definitely have to try this. The possibilities are endless. I'm thinking: lampshade? Pillows? But the shoes are so cool. I might have to go buy some canvas slipons just to do this.

Thanks for sharing!
Lumi (author)  kirnex2 years ago
Thanks! People are indeed making some great things including pillows and lampshades. Take a look at our Pinterest board for more inspiration.
This is so cool! I swear I have seen those shoes around somewhere...
Lumi (author)  Fightingninj42 years ago
Our friends at Vans came over to print shoes with us. Maybe this YouTube video is what you're thinking of?