Introduction: How to Print PCB

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In this instructable you will learn how to print PCB at home at low cost..

Step 1: Watch How to Print PCB

Step 2: Material Required

1)Copper clad board;

2)Printed circuit board;

3)Ferric chloride(FeCl3);

4)Marker pen;

5)Board cutting tools;

6)PCB Drill;

7)Electric Iron;


9)Nail polish remover;

You will find most of the thing from here:

In India PCB Designing kit-

Outside India

Copper clade board-

Ferric Chloride-

PCB Drill-

Step 3: Design Your Circuit , Print It and Cut It

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Design your PCB circuit,

If you don't know how to design PCB circuit

Watch this video;

Basic PCB designing in EAGLE | Part 1

And also

Basic PCB designing in EAGLE | Part 2

print your circuit in a Photo paper using Leser Printer, If you have an inkjet printer, print the circuit on a simple paper and go to Xerox center and xerox it on photo paper.

Step 4: Prepare Your Copper Clad Board

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Take a copper clad board and mark it as per circuit diagram and also cut it using cutting tool...


Scratch the copper side with a blade to remove copper sulphate.

Step 5: Toner Transfer

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Put the printed circuit on copper clad board and heat it for 5-10min using Electric Iron.

Then immerse it in a fresh water, wait for 5min and the remove the paper slowly.

and also put a white tape on the oposite side of the board.

Step 6: Make the Solution

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Make a solution by mixing water and ferric chloride.

************Ferric chloride is harmful for tissue.

Step 7: Eatching

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Immerse the board in this solution and Shake it, to etch the extra copper layer.

next use nail polish remover to remove the toner from the PCB.

Step 8: Drilling

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Fix the printed board on a wood with tape nad then drill it..

Now the PCB is ready....

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oragamiunicorn (author)2017-03-08

"heat it for 15-20min using Electric Iron" is that a misprint or is actually that long? Genuine question, it seems a long time.

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