High school. We all have to go through it. Sometimes the amount of work given to students is too much to bear. This can make life hell.

But this instructable can help.

Following these simple steps, you can pass High School, and do the bare minimum of work over a given amount of time!

Step 1: Receive Assignment

To successfully procrastinate, you at least two things:

Something you should be doing

and something that you're doing instead.

In this step, you will receive your assignment from your teacher/instructor/mentor/warden/ etc... Remember, the bigger the assignment, the better, as it allows more time for your second requisite.
wow you sound like the master of incognito
I never had anyone tell me they were too organized, however I do know one guy who would be certifiably insane if he were a little more anal retentive than he is.
i am a teacher as well as a procrastinator, remember, we have numbers and are many, in different forms...
Thanks for the input guys! This was a project for my Communications Technology class at school, the assignment being "Find something you're good at and make an Instructable on it." I'm naturally good at procrastinating, so I chose that. After a few revisions, it ended up like this. Because I had listed my Instructable as "how to procrastinate" on my teacher's list of who-did-what, I'm going to keep the name for a week or so, then I'll change it, to avoid confusion. (Ironically, I was done this assignment before most other students in my class :) )
Dude, it's late April, already! This <em>&quot;keep the name for a week or so, then I'll change it</em>&quot; gig from February is some pretty lousy procrastinating. Clearly, you haven't figured out the final procrastinat-ey step of actually gettin' sh*t done at the last available opportunity! (Hint - involves at least one all-nighter, probably lots of caffeine and drastically reduced sleep)<br/>
Meh, I'll get around to it eventually, I figured it didn't really matter anymore, seeing as I wasn't getting anymore views, and it would probably fade away into the depth of Internet anonymity.
This isn't really procrastination. it's more like, "How to appear busy in class while not actually doing work". This is a good 'ible for that, so a change in title might be all that's needed.
Which is at the heart of procrastination. If you are obviously not doing your work you won't be procrastinating for very long. Great instructable, I rate it... eh, I'll rate it on the due day.
Meh, fix it tomorrow... :)
Not procrastination...

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