How to Program ATtiny2313 (Current and Updated!!!)

Picture of How to Program ATtiny2313 (Current and Updated!!!)
Howdy folks!

When I first got my ATtiny2313 it took me the better part of 4 hours to finally get it programmed. I went through countless tutorials online that were old and outdated. I was never able to get the correct files from one website. I had to combine the files from several websites before I was finally able to program my ATtiny.

The goal of my (Current and Updated!!!) series is to find tutorials online that are old, outdated, or nonworking and make a new tutorial that I have tested and used myself.
My first i'ble in this series is how to use IR remotes to control your Arduino.
I will keep updating my i'bles in this series to work with new Arduino boards, IDEs and the like.
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Step 1: Download the Files

First you need to download the boards information for the Arduino IDE. This file will need to be downloaded in order to program a ATtiny2313.

Once you have downloaded that you will need to extract the 'tiny' folder to your Arduino hardware folder. Now if you don't know where that is or if you don't have it here are the steps.

  • Go to your Arduino documents. This is where all the sketches are saved (by default).
  • For mac users it's Macintosh HD>Users>username>documents>Arduino.
  • Create a new folder and name it "hardware", just like that. Into this folder you will put the 'tiny' folder that you downloaded.
  • For PC users Program Files(x86)=>Arduino=>hardware. Copy the 'tiny' folder into it and restart the Arduino IDE.Delete the extra mac content.

Step 3: Connecting the ATtiny2313 to the Arduino

Picture of Connecting the ATtiny2313 to the Arduino
Make the following connections. You need to be sure that you are connecting these to the ATtiny's actual pins (starting from the top left and counting up counter-clockwise) and not the name of the pin.

  |                   |
5v------------>20 VCC
GND-------->10 GND

Also add an LED with a resistor on the pin (#7) right next to the GND on the ATtiny2313
bobby1344 months ago
Thanks a ton for this i was about to lose it before where I was on all of these confusing sites for this board