Picture of How to Program Audacity To Record At A Certain Time
It is A quick Trick ,
use it to spy , to record a phone call or simply to record your history class speech while you're out

Using the popular Open-source app Audacity

let's begin

Step 1: Pre-Requisites

Picture of Pre-Requisites
Before Anything Else , Download And Install Audacity

Download It From HERE

Audacity is multi-platform , and it's free , I recommend , if you liked the program , to donate to the audacity Development team , so they give us updates and new functions like this ! .

And you'll also need a Microphone ,
If your Computer have Built-in mic , Procced to next step
If your computer have mic port but NO built-in mic , Proceed to buy a Cheap one such as Mine
if Your computer doesn't have a mic port Nor a built-in mic , Buy a usb Analog to digital audio Adapter , Such As an iMic or something like that And a microphone

Step 2: (optional ) set up your microphone

Picture of (optional ) set up your microphone
Plug your microphone if desired or needed .

Proceed to next step when it's done

Step 3: Open Up Audacity

Picture of Open Up Audacity
Click The Audacity Icon , Wherever it is ... lol

Step 4: Crank up the Mic Volume , Set The Input!!1

Picture of Crank up the Mic Volume , Set The Input!!1
Adjust the Input volume to a decent volume.
0.9 is recommended

Select your desired input , i used the internal mic

Step 5: Search And Chose The Function

Picture of Search And Chose The Function

it is under the menu Tracks , Double click it ...

Step 6: Select Determined Start Hour And Duration

Picture of Select Determined Start Hour  And Duration
Imagen 6.png
A window may appear , prompting you when it will start and when it will finish ,

Also you can use the duration selectour instead of finish hour

Step 7: Let audacity do the job for you

Picture of Let audacity do the job for you
Imagen 8.png
Imagen 9.png
Imagen 10.png
Imagen 11.png
When the Record time starts , audacity will automatically open another pop up window
indicating that it's recording , this may vary , since you progremed it .

Step 8: Listen your (spy) recording

Picture of listen your (spy) recording
Now it's time to listen ,

I hope this instructable were usefull for somebody , Thanks for watching !

'Disclaimer' i'm not liable for what you hear... ;)

Thanks For watching
this in Audacity portable???
hernanai7 years ago
Sweet, I can do this. -er... oh, oh wait... It's a Mac... Nevermind... I wish it was properly titled: How to Program Audacity To Record At A Certain Time On A Mac - Instructable. Meh...
acaz93 (author)  hernanai7 years ago


is Multi-platform ,Googlea windows version
hernanai acaz937 years ago
I know... but isn't the timer is only on a Mac?
acaz93 (author)  hernanai7 years ago
No'd , i've heard that timer is in the lastest (beta?)release of audacity
yep , only in the beta
wazupwiop7 years ago
one way to remove fuzziness is to record with an eyetoy. (it is for ps2) you can get it at walmart for 25 bucks. and u may have to adjust the speed cuz if ya dont ull sound like the chipmunks.
awoodcarver7 years ago
Interesting , I have looked at the program but have yet to Dl it ...Is it easy to use or will I have to get the 14 year old to add the old LP's and tapes to my computer? Can I filter out the fuzzy ness on the records with it ?
yes you can there is a pop and hiss removal tool through there site
acaz93 (author)  awoodcarver7 years ago
audacity is very basic , and easy to use , I actually don't know if it can filter out the fuzz but it can easily record anything , as long as you have the proper equipment
You can filter out noise, go to effect menu, than click on noise removal. It works really well, just make sure to preview it.
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Cool, but I wouldn't exactly call this a "hack" Great job
acaz93 (author)  LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
you're right , thanks
Its a cool trick, but I consider programming and soldering and modding "hacking" Still, its pretty cool (i use audacity and I didn't know this)
dchall87 years ago
If you set a ClocX alarm to launch your browser tuned to a radio station, then you could set Audacity to record your favorite radio programs. I've used Audacity for years and always wondered why nobody ever made a way to record radio like we can record TV with Media Center. I guess I had the tools all the time and never knew. THANK YOU. I had to teach my daughter that Garage Band was not the only software available to make podcasts. I find Audacity easier to use than GB but that could be my experience with A and basically none with GB. Certainly exporting to your favorite format is easer with Audacity.
Cool! I wish there was a way to hide audacticy when it is recording. Anyone know how?
acaz93 (author)  joejoerowley7 years ago
maybe , Minimizing audacity , or just turning off the monitor , or reducing brightness ..
Awesome job, I might try this soon, really good idea for my brother's band. +1 rating. (added to favorites)
John Smith7 years ago
FYI, you HAVE to have the beta version of this for it to work. Cool instructable anyways, though!