In this short video I will show you how to program your attiny85 and with the help of that make your own decision box

Step 1: Link for the Video.

Step 2: Program Your Attiny and the Custom Sheild

Programming your Attiny85 with Arduino UNO as ISP.

Step1:Upload the ISP sketch from examples to your arduino Uno.

Step2:Connect the arduino pins to your attiny85 pins as shown.

Step3:Put a 10uF capacitor across the reset and ground pin.(Make sure that the negative side of the capacitor goes to ground)

Step4:We need to twig the blink sketch a bit,since there is no pin13 on the chip,we just have to change to one of the IO's

Step5:Now choose the board and programmer as ISP.

Step6: Hit upload,there will be some pagel error...so just ignore it

Step 3: Part List for This Project.


1.Arduino UNO: http://goo.gl/s3uwUU

2.Attiny85: http://goo.gl/RJ5m7z

3.5mm RGB led: http://goo.gl/UHOCmT

4.8 pin DIP IC socket: http://goo.gl/fKi71F

5.Tactile Switch: http://goo.gl/Ws0MzA

6.50mm female spacers:

7.perfboard and screws:

1.Arduino UNO: https://goo.gl/vWUrgK

2.Attiny85: https://goo.gl/53QCo5

3.5mm RGB led: https://goo.gl/DyTHDO

4.8 pin DIP IC socket: https://goo.gl/lgxGKO

5.Tactile Switch: https://goo.gl/aRdViO

6.50mm female spacers:

7.perfboard and screws:

Step 4: Schematic and Code

Make sure am using a common anode RGB led in this case,so the code associated with it as per as the schematic.

Link for the code:https://github.com/aryandec25/Attiny85_decision-box

Step 5: And the Project Is Complete !!

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<p>What does a decision box do, and how exactly does it work? It looks cool, but I think I'm missing something. Can you explain? Thanks! :)</p>
<p>When you toss a coin,there is a 50% chance that you can get a head.If head was your choice then you win.Similarly,In a decision box,you get three colours,so there is a 33.33% chance that you can win.<br>It basically works on the principle of random function,which gives out random output everytime.<br></p>
<p>Ah, that makes sense. I like it! </p><p>Thanks for explaining.</p>

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