Step 4: Hillbilly Diet.

Picture of Hillbilly Diet.
You are what you eat. Well maybe, but not all hillbillies are opposums. There is a noticeable difference here between hillbillies and "white trash". Redneck diets may fall anywhere in between.

1. Homegrown tomatoes.
2. Greens. All varieties, including: mustard, collard, poke,
dandelion, spinach, etc.
3. Tea. Always iced, always sweet(VERY sweet).
4. Beans and peas. Black-eyed, purple-hull, green, and string.
5. Meat: fried chicken, deer sausage, opposum (with sweet
potatoes), squirrel and dumplings, fried crappie and catfish.
6. Booze: Homemade wine, and quality moonshine.
7. Bread: Cornbread, buttermilk biscuits, sourdough rolls.

We should all eat so well!

But, then there's the White Trash diet:
1. Anything processed.
2. Spray cheese.
3. Discount soda.
4. White bread.
5. Booze: Cheapest beer available, rotgut whiskey.
6. Meat: fried bologna, vienna sausages, fish-sticks.
meanwun4 years ago
we have an apple tree in the back yard. We got a ton of green apples. Left out 20ish apples for eating. Cut out bad spots from a ton of them and then froze them in freezer bags.

Now we have a ton of crab aples to pick and make apple sauce with.

I may live in the city, but nothing tastes better than home apples.
skunkbait (author)  meanwun4 years ago
Awesome! We had an apple tree when I was a kid. And someone in my family (I don't remember who) had plenty of crab apples. I miss it.
ceiligirl5 years ago
 Mmmmmm greens and pot licker and garden tomatoes... Oh, spring is fast approaching and my seed order came already! Three weeks to go till I start my seeds!!! Thank you, jiffy pots company!! Pinetree seed company: heirloom everything! If you want to try some good tomatoes, try Pruden's Purple. Oh, they are delicious!

Gardens: Cukes still warm from the sun, kids snitching green beans and yellow beans out of the garden because they were outside playing and got hungry but didn't want to come in and make a sandwich... oh, i love summer! 

Got my two "Bulk Size" pickle jars under the sink for sun tea... alternate one or the other brewing, one in the fridge... Luizianne tea...

I make Irish soda bread - that's our biscuit of choice. Whole wheat flour. 

Black beans, brown beans, white beans... can't get 'em to eat blackeyed peas, though, but I figure they are ok kids anyway because they'd rather have PB&J than bologna, so they can't be all bad.

Homemade wine was cool to make, now I've got raspberries soaking in vodka in one bottle and lemon peels in another, waiting for Country USA to make some kickbutt hard lemonade.

You know, I think the real kicker in the list is "greens"  - that really separates the men from the boys, as it were. Wildharvested greens (spring dandelions, yes, soon!!) especially set the bar!
skunkbait (author)  ceiligirl5 years ago
If I can get the kids to pick em, we'll probably have dandelions, but our primary spring ritual is the "Poke Sallet Day".