Step 4: Hillbilly Diet.

You are what you eat. Well maybe, but not all hillbillies are opposums. There is a noticeable difference here between hillbillies and "white trash". Redneck diets may fall anywhere in between.

1. Homegrown tomatoes.
2. Greens. All varieties, including: mustard, collard, poke,
dandelion, spinach, etc.
3. Tea. Always iced, always sweet(VERY sweet).
4. Beans and peas. Black-eyed, purple-hull, green, and string.
5. Meat: fried chicken, deer sausage, opposum (with sweet
potatoes), squirrel and dumplings, fried crappie and catfish.
6. Booze: Homemade wine, and quality moonshine.
7. Bread: Cornbread, buttermilk biscuits, sourdough rolls.

We should all eat so well!

But, then there's the White Trash diet:
1. Anything processed.
2. Spray cheese.
3. Discount soda.
4. White bread.
5. Booze: Cheapest beer available, rotgut whiskey.
6. Meat: fried bologna, vienna sausages, fish-sticks.


you forgot a car made of several different cars of different colors and years i am currently swapping the front end from a broken down 1992 legacy to my 1990 legacy due to my fenders falling off from rust and the bondo on my hood falling off interesting note the gray paint that the last owner did was not nearly as nice as the factory red but still nicer than the factory blue on the doner car
Hey, do you need any more parts for the Subaru? My son has a '90-something Legacy that he'd let go pretty cheap. All it needs is a fuel pump. I doubt that the A/C works, and the air-suspension bags are shot. It's got like 124k on it. Let me know....
actually all im needing replaced now is the air filter and 2 new front tires. i have no clue why they wear so much faster then the drive wheels but they do. then a conversant kit on the A/C and it will be good as new... other than its old and smells like junk yards and cigarets.
don't forget the house speakers in the back window
we have an apple tree in the back yard. We got a ton of green apples. Left out 20ish apples for eating. Cut out bad spots from a ton of them and then froze them in freezer bags. <br> <br>Now we have a ton of crab aples to pick and make apple sauce with. <br> <br>I may live in the city, but nothing tastes better than home apples.
Awesome! We had an apple tree when I was a kid. And someone in my family (I don't remember who) had plenty of crab apples. I miss it.
so if this instructible is fine, can i make one on &quot;how to properly identify n***ers&quot;? Same thing.
If that's a title that you wear proudly (as I wear the term &quot;hillbilly&quot; proudly), then I'd encourage you to write an instuctable on the subject.
These sort of posts always kill me. They would<strong> never</strong><br> &nbsp;be directed at other minorities. Why is it OK to say something bad about disadvantages white people?<br> <br> The only &quot;crime&quot; they had was to be born into a different culture. That's it. I don't care if your uncle, or yourself, was born into that environment. It's not funny.<br> <br> Racism and Classicism are <em>closely</em> related. Whatever differentiates one group from another is fair game for fun or worse.<br> <br> It also has another less than subtle contents. It's one thing to be poor and African American. That's OK. We expect that as a norm.<br> <br> But to be poor and White; it simply means that you haven't tried hard enough. You have failed because you are lazy&nbsp; in spite of the advantages of being white. You are a failure within a failure.<br> <br> In the UK we had a similar effect, except everyone was pretty much white in my home cities. Can't differentiate because of color. Instead it was economic status. A cast system had evolved over the millennium and if you were poor you deserved it.<br> <br> There was even a name for it. The English Poor Laws.<br> <br> <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_Poor_Laws">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_Poor_Laws</a><br> <br> There were the deserving and undeserving poor. I have no idea how one might judge someone as deserving assistance but they were awfully cruel about it. Charles Dickens was actually placed into one for being a debtor.<br> <br> <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Dickens">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Dickens</a><br> <br> He was by no measure an undeserving poor. But those in charge saw him as such.<br> <br> This rant has gone well off subject. Just to bring it to a close be kind to others you don't understand, don't degrade them for being different and see the world through their eyes.<br> <br> Did I mention Henry Ford filed for bankruptcy several times?<br>
Mate, GIve this a re-read... <br> <br>I am celebrating this culture!! I grew up around all this, and even with an education and a little money.. I still CHOOSE to live much this way. Think about it!! <br> <br>-Skunkbait
To Both NachoMahma and skunkbait:<br> I'm Southern. I ate at a Waffle House the other night. Had grits, eggs and biscuits for breakfast before exams. I'm looking forward to good mustard (not collard) greens during Christmas. I have an accent. It's part of who I am.<br> <br> What I am objecting to is that the narrative really hypes the worst of the stereotypes of the South (or the Foothills.) It is *so* frustrating when I have to deal with the knowing looks from others because I am Southern. I'm tired of this sort of non-sense being offered as entertainment. It doesn't help anyone in our culture. It only harms.<br> <br> So yuck it up. You already have one member who is displaying one of the states with the &quot;Stars and Bars&quot; built into their flag. Do your bit to move the culture, and the economic future, of this area backwards.<br> <br> It rubs me the same way that rappers were telling it how it was in the 'hood. And that they were celebrating women with their lyrics (and as a Southerner you would have to unleash a beating on anyone who talked to your daughter that way.) And that street warfare was keeping it real.<br> <br> Just think for a moment about it. Please. And yes...I sometimes mix &quot;u&quot; into my spelling by accident. Too much education. Information is the truest power. You can change lives for the better if you understand the world we live in, the realities we struggle within and how people look at us.
Well my humour may not be for everyone. My sincere apologies! <br> <br>But seriously, just maybe lighten up a little..?? Remember, this lifestyle is a CHOICE for many, not an AFFLICTION!! If we can't laugh at ourselves a little, then what good are we?? <br> <br>(Just curious, Stars and Bars? Haven't seen them around. Are you sure it wasn't the naval jack, or possibly the battle flag. In my opinion THAT flag is to be flown when one is ready to kill or die for the cause. Most who display it are ignorant, but many are just struggling to define themselves.) <br> <br>Lastly, props for recognizing the double-edged nature of the words &quot;white trash&quot;. I use the term sparingly, as the implication is that black folks are trash by default, and that a trashy white person is the exception! Kinda ugly when you deal with the roots!! <br> <br>But seriously, this was meant to be lighthearted, and never meanspirited. Forgive my indiscretion!!
Calorie, you obviously are letting political correctness interfere with your judgement. Skunkbait is making a funny guide to the identification of hillbillies. the whole purpose is to show that hillbillies are not the worthless unprincipled people they are stereotyped to be, but rather a pure and noble breed, much like the original nerds of the nineties or the hipsters of the seventies. The word &quot;hillbilly&quot; is not derogatory, and i say this coming from a lifestyle that would probably put me roughly into that category. The words redneck, hillbilly, and oakie are worn with pride by those who they apply to. only those who are ignorant of their ways would find these phrases derogatory.
Well said!
thank you.
Actually caught myself &quot;adding the letter &quot;U&quot;, in the very first paragraph of this instructable (The word was &quot;humour&quot;)!! You'd think I'd have picked up that habit while living (for about a decade) in a British protectorate... But surprise!,,Picked up that habit in the commonwealth of VIRGINIA!!
&gt; I'm Southern. I ate at a Waffle House ... have an accent. It's part of who I am.<br>. Great! But so what? Just because one is from The South doesn't mean one is a Hillbilly.<br>. <br>. <br>&gt; What I am objecting to is that the narrative really hypes the worst of the stereotypes of the South...<br>. Did you not bother to read the other parts where he lauded Hillbillies for, among other things, their ingenuity and hard work?<br>. <br>. <br>&gt; Do your bit to move the culture, and the economic future, of this area backwards.<br>. ROFLMAO. Very few Hillbillies I've known or seen could care less about what an outsider - including me (I live close to Skunkbait, but I don't think anyone, especially a real Hillbilly, would call me a Hillbilly) and you - says about their culture. They like who they are and are proud of it. <br>. <br>. <br>&gt; You can change lives for the better if you understand the world we live in, the realities we struggle within and how people look at us.<br>. That is exactly what Skunkbait was trying to do. I think he did an excellent job.
This is just going way over your (or my) head. The point I am making is simple:<br> <br> If you want to be proud of who you are, do not self-deprecate. Do not self-efface. Those show weakness, a lack of respect for both your own culture and other's perception of our own.<br> <br> I really don't feel like discussing this any further.
. If you can't make fun of yourself then you must lead a very bleak life.<br>. Weakness? How is laughing at oneself being weak? Can you not acknowledge, and find humor in, the fact that other cultures might find some of your (or my) habits funny? Can you not see how &quot;y'all&quot; sounds as strange/weird/funny to a Yankee as &quot;youse guys&quot; does to yourself?<br>. Instead of trying to force everyone into the same mold, try acknowledging, celebrating, and rejoicing in their differences.<br>.<br>. <br>&gt; I really don't feel like discussing this any further.<br>. No better than you are fairing, I would think not.
.&nbsp; Maybe it's because Skunkbait didn't use enough &quot;u&quot;s in his words, but you seem to have missed the point. While there is some class humo(u)r involved, this is mostly a loving look at how many rural societies (not just in the US) operate - how they are DIYers to the bone. Many of us in the <a href="http://www.google.com/search?q=Rural+South">Rural South</a> (US) are <em><strong>proud</strong></em> of sobriquets like <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillbilly">Hillbilly</a> and <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redneck">Redneck</a>, especially when used as in the article above.
Some of the hill billy ways of talking are descended from colonial times and the way the first settlers talked. Isolation has preserved their unusual accents.
I've always thought that. Later though, I read a paper disputing it, so I hated to mention it in the ible. I still think it's probably true. Years ago, I used to travel quite a bit. Several times I had people ask me where on earth I was from, because my accent certainly didn't sound "American". I guess they had never watched the Beverly Hillbillies!!!
My first duty station after boot camp was in New London Connecticut , at that time &quot;The Beverly Hillbillys&quot; and&quot;The Dukes of Hazzard&quot; were quite popular up there !<br><br>As soon as I spoke a few words any where I went there I could see one of 2 attitudes apear in everyone I saw that lived there , I was either this big dumb hick that would be easy to fool or this big violent redneck who should be left alone !<br><br>It didnt matter to me , If you know what cubbyhole folk got you down for you are already one step ahead of them !!
I had a friend from the South Bacific come visit me. AS soo as we got alone, he said, &quot;I love your family, they sound like they're from a John Wayne movie..&quot; <br> <br>-Fortunately, He'd never seen He-Haw!
&nbsp;In Wisconsin, we have a different-but-similar accent among our people who live more off the land than average. It's farmers and hunters and fisherpeople, and I think it's got some thing to do with the German ancestry but I'm not sure. If money were no object, I'd probably put my linguistics classes to use and spend a few years reasearching that accent/dialect of ours... what a blast that would be! Think of the people I'd get to interview and take language samples from... I'd have the best stocked fridge in the state, I bet, by the time all was said and done.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> And yeah, I was raised with a wood burning stove in the living room and cut wood and stacked wood all damned summer and made homemade applesauce from apple trees we found in the woods out back and weeded the garden and probably whined about all of it, too, but the whining's not what I remember now.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I live in town so I'm within walking distance of the store and my job in case my vehicle ever up and dies when i don't have the money to fix it, but have an old farmhouse on the river and my kids catch crawfish and frogs and fish all the time. If the river were cleaner, we'd be eating that stuff on a regular basis, I guarantee you that.<br /> <br /> I wish I'd win a lotery so I could pay the bills and study the dialect... As it is, I'll have to wait till my kids are older so I'll have a little more free time to do it around working, lol. But that' been in the back of my mind for a long time. Reading these posts reminded me. I think these dialects/accents are a treasure. Who the heck needs everybody sounding like Jessica or Brian on the 5pm news? How incredibly boring! <br /> <br /> Cajuns are another group that our country will be the poorer for if they end up giving up their patois.<br />
I'm descendant of Ellis county KS German Russians, the ability to speak the odd German dialects will die out with my generation. How our English is tinge with an accent others do notice. I have cousins that grew up in the South. They picked up on their parent's German accent and the Southern accent, I doubt few in the world sound like them. In time all the accents will flatten out. I don't feel a loss about that, not like I do about the loss of the ability to speak the language of their grandparents. Then again I would had to learn 2 different dialects<br />
I come from an area that has a backwoods accent to it that many do not know of. Here in Mendocino county California, there are plenty of proud rednecks, and some &quot;rippies&quot;; people from hippie lineage who came up to the mountains to grow marijuana, and have now embraced the redneck lifestyle. We have our own words and accent too. Quirks include the word &quot;hella&quot;, spelling &quot;a lot&quot; with out a space (alot), saying &quot;all like&quot; or &quot;be like&quot;, or other contractions like &quot;aight'&quot; or &quot;don.&quot;<br>(all right, and don't&quot;
do you know how a hillbilly moon-shiner checks your I.D.? &quot;WHOOOOSE BOY AR YOU?&quot;
its true but you forgot the $90 CB whips on a $50 truck with no gas flap and a Copenhagen lid in the rear view. it is also conman to hang a lighter from the rear view.<br/>hear is a sideshow of one<br/><a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/red-neck-truck/">http://www.instructables.com/id/red-neck-truck/</a><br/>
Oh my goodness!!! I used to own one almost exactly like that! But mine had no less than 7 bullet holes in it as well. I once had 13 people in the bed of it, and it did (small) wheelies when I'd accelerate.
ya we took it offroading all the time with people in the back ant the highway in the rain was fun in the back
Mine was actually a 4 door diesel. I'm not sure they ever imported them to the US, but I'd sure love to have another one.
ya im looking at an old Chevy 2 door with a bench seat and a four speed transition
Nice. A lot of the old bench seat vehicles had a 3 or 4 speed manual shift on the column. It took me a while to get used to those.
4 on the the column? 3 on the column was common, and thought as an advancement when they first appeared. However I never have seen not ever heard of 4 on the column.
Ya know, now that you say it, my experience with 4 on the column may have been overseas. I know my experience with a 5 on the column was overseas (hard to get used to as well!!). But I really thought there were some American vehicles with 4 on the column.... maybe they were imports. The only ones I've actually OWNED with manuals on the column have been old pickups.
lol round here iv only ever heard of a three on the tree<br />
wait on nthe steering column? iv never had one like that the only ones i have driven just make it uncomfortable for the person in the middle.
Yep, I had a '76 Chevy with a manual 3-on the column. I drove a van years ago over seas with a 5 on the column manual! But my grandfathers old FOrd is a 4 in the floor with bench seat. SO the middle is not ideal for full grown adults.
ya i get out of it cus im 6'4
you also forgot muddling and shooting small animals
You've never really been hunting, till you've hunted from the bed of a moving truck, or through the T-tops of a Corvette (no joke!).
we did it out of the window and later the missing passenger door
We've shot a moose from the road. (Don't tell fish and game)<br />
one time one of my buddies came to school with a bullet hole in the roof of his truck because his passenger fired a round when they hit a bump &nbsp;
hillbillies don't hem their jeans, they just wear them till the ground wears off the extra length.<br />
I've got mixed feelings on that.&nbsp; I've seen some folks do that, but honestly, I think that's more of a &quot;white trash&quot; thing.&nbsp; Maybe it's just the younger generation of hillbillies that wear their dungarees like that.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> A lot&nbsp;of hillbillies (not all) care greatly about the functionality of their clothes, even if style is not a real consideration. &nbsp; I always roll my pants up, and a lot of good hillbilly mothers are great seamstresses.&nbsp; Personally, I always at least patch my old clothes so that I can wear em a little longer.&nbsp; I certainly can't afford to buy new breeches every season!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> When I was a kid, a mother would beat a kid half to death for INTENTIONALLY allowing their clothes to be damaged.
funny thing is people buy clothes pre-damaged i would rather just let my cothes be given there worn out look by being worn out because then the cloths work for you
i use boot blousers if my pants are too long but at the point that i have worn threw the knees i start letting them drag but mind you thats when they are work pants that have holes and oil stains and burns.

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