Simple, fast, easy. Got it? Good.

 You spilt an infinitive (and a banana) in the title.
Now just compost that banana peel or you can put it directly on your garden it will release potassium into your soil which is essential to fruit development.
too bad the video went one second over...
I think this is the way monkeys peel their bananas.
Hehe 31 secs <strong>DISQUALIFIED</strong><br/>
Don't be mad, but I stole your idea in another video. I posted a video wich show another way to peel a banana.
that's really funny, i just taught that to my friend this morning
I would bite the middle and rip the bugger open! *Just Kidding* :-) Nice job! I just leaned something new today. You are an official expert in &quot;monkey business&quot;!~<br/>
The beginning of your video reminds me of the "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" commercials.
It's the way various monkeys have opened them for millenia... it is the 'gooder' way. I wanted to post this, but figured it was some other video's intellectual property rights...(saw it on metacafe a while back). Wonderful video!
No.... you squished it, and the other side already had an opening handle...
Excuse me. What authority established the "proper" way?

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