How to Properly Tuck-in a Child at Night




Introduction: How to Properly Tuck-in a Child at Night

written by a kiddo for mommys, daddies and everyone else who tucks in kiddos at night.

Step 1: Find a Stuffed Animal If They Want It

Kiddos don't like sleeping alone.

Step 2: Stop What You're Doing and Look at Them

Look them in the face, put down your phone, you can even give them a kiss.

Step 3: Say Something Nice

Say something nice about how you had fun today, or they were good by being quiet, or make a funny face and make them smile.

Step 4: Kiss Any Boo Boos

Even hurt feelings, say sorry if you fight, tell them everything is okay.

Step 5: Make Sure the Blankets Are Tucked In

Even if it's perfect, make double sure. Tug it into place even if it's perfect.

Step 6: Now Say Goodnight

Kiddo will go to sleep feeling happy and safe -- most the time.



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