How to Properly on Dress Socks


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Introduction: How to Properly on Dress Socks

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Putting on socks should be pretty straight forward. Slide it over your foot and walla. However, even I have troube with socks that have a heel. So I made this to illustrate how I put on socks and manage to have a perfect fit every time considering that socks are made to fit a size range and the heel can either end up on the ankel or the back of the foot instead of on the heel. Stretching out dress socks is never a good idea since you are likely to rip holes in them with that kind of abuse. So I will attempt to instruct.

Step 1: A Good One.

Behold a good sock. Let us attempt to keep it that way.

Step 2: Insert Hand

1) Put your hand in the sock and pinch the center of the heel.

Step 3: Inside Out

2) Pull the heel out so the sock is half way inside out.

Step 4: Open

3) Open it by gently stretching it sideways so the heel is evenly at the bottom.

Step 5: Insert Foot

4) Slide your foot in making sure that your heel rests evenly on the heel of the sock.

Step 6: Pull Up

5) Pull the end of the sock up your shin.
TaDa. Perfect job on the first try.



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