Picture of How to Propose - TTE (Time Travel Edition)
No matter what words you use, no matter what pictures you can show, those of us blessed enough to have experienced it, know that it is indescribable.

All i know, is that i found that someone that i wanted to spend the rest of my life with, no questions, no doubts, it was her, for the rest of our lives.

Me and my (now) Fiance, both enjoy things that little bit different in life, so i knew, that when proposing, it had to be something different, but not cheesy.

Hannah is a creative person just like me, the greatest thing about this, is that i have someone who understands my creativity, and is proud of what i create. I knew that something 'handmade' coupled with a place that has been 'Godmade' would make for Hannahs (almost) perfect moment.

So, i will attempt to take your through how i made my proposal that little bit different, and more importantly, how i proposed with a 'time machine'

Step 1: Finding that perfect part.

Picture of Finding that perfect part.
At first, i had a rough idea what i wanted, but really, i had no idea.

As with all my projects i always like to push the use of scrap objects, i occasionally buy a few new items, but alot of the materials are 'scavenged'.

Then, i happened upon an old hand mixer. I new there would be a hefty motor in there, and i knew it would make for a great part in one of my weapons.

Then, i looked closer, and saw the outer metal enclosure of the motor, and i knew it was perfect.

Thus, the fun of getting it apart began, this was one well constructed mixer, the screws were tight, so tight, that no screwdriver created by man could undo what had been done,

So, i grabbed my trusty dremal-esque rotary tool, a 'parkside' branded no name from my local Lidl.

So, step 1 is, destroy the screws.
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This is amazing I'm a whovian and desperately want to propose time travel style when I am old enough, because I think I've found my companion XD this instructable is my salvation thank you so much. Congratulations I know it's VERY late but I might jump in the TARDIS so I can go back to when it was recent and congratulate you again. Top work I'm a big fan

schumi232 years ago
Love the design!
richie_1144 years ago
Awesome 'ible and congrats! ( I know I'm late Hope everything went grand)
gmjhowe (author)  richie_1144 years ago
It will be two years since we got married in November! So, things went pretty well I think.
TheFawns5 years ago
love is awesome :) hehe
MissBetsy5 years ago
Now, that is true creativity, seeing an old mixer motor and thinking of a case for your engagement ring. Which girl in her right mind could refuse to say "YES" and as we know now, Hanna is a smart one. ^_-
gmjhowe (author)  MissBetsy5 years ago
 Hehe, been looking through my instructables since I commented on your keyboard eh?

It did take her somewhat by surprise even though she knew it was coming.
The best bit was the confusion on her face when I unrolled the knee pad!
darkbain5 years ago
That is very very koo, Grats.

jimbo1125 years ago
An Incredible project. Congratulations on both the project and how it worked out overall. It looks like the prop-makers for Dr. Who and Torchwood could learn a few things from you.
steimacher5 years ago
Another awesome work. I'm your fan. Thank you for sharing and congrats.
jakesllama6 years ago
wow i didnt know you could be romantic and cool at the same time lol! cheack out my time disrupt grenade (still uploading)
That ring is beautiful! The time machine is very nice, too. You're a very romantic man, and Hannah is a lucky woman!
gmjhowe (author)  starlightcheese6 years ago
Thanks! I try my best.
Read Head6 years ago
WOW. That is romantic and very cool.
gmjhowe (author)  Read Head6 years ago
mattyew6 years ago
Nicely done. I'm wondering if there was anything particular that made you think of doing a time machine? Did you guys often talk about time travel or something? congratulations btw
gmjhowe (author)  mattyew6 years ago
Im an avid sci fi fan, and a time machine seemed just right, there was a soppy letter about wanting to travel through time with her, which is a geeky way of saying i want to spend the rest of my life with her. Thanks for the comment!
This took my breath away I want someone to propose to me with something like that LOVE it :D You should sell the boxes I'd buy one !
gmjhowe (author)  chrystopherlewis6 years ago
Haha! well, once im sorted with other things, i intend to work on making some more of the crafty things. Thanks for the comment.
thoriumbr6 years ago
man, this instructable is amazing! i am sure she loved it! and good luck for you both!
gmjhowe (author)  thoriumbr6 years ago
maddog10_206 years ago
You are truly an inspiration to us all! Thank you for sharing and congrats! What century is your Honeymoon/wedding going to be in? I hear the 1920's were quite the party!
gmjhowe (author)  maddog10_206 years ago
Haha! We were thinking either the year 12,045ad, or victorian times. Were not sure.. Thanks for the comment, i aim to inspire!
New Roman Empire or Torchwood Estate? Hmm...interesting choice. Keep an eye out for a blue box and watch out for werewolves and warrior monks!
always sound advice.... you know, you could go the other direction just as easily... try new new york "Strictly speaking, it's the fifteenth New York, which makes it New New New New New New... New New New New New New... New New New York." remember, be sure to check out the apple grass! oh, and watch out for the cats...
try the restaurant at the end of the universe I hears there having a wedding special this month only
Wait a minnit... How exactly does that work, due to the fact it is in the future?
simple, they sent out a beacon through time and space, they check your time of departure against the time of their sending the message. voila! and if you're willing to go through the hassle of traveling twice, you deserve the discount and they let you have it. XD
Works for me...
it just does ok
Surely you meant The sixteenth York... :D (please not another US vs. UK internet war...)
alekszandor6 years ago
Good work! Really like your Instructables. I already have a idea that this could be helpful for me! And congratulations by the way! :D When is the date set? If I may ask of course!
gmjhowe (author)  alekszandor6 years ago
Were aiming for 7th nov this year! Thanks for the comment.
My best wishes to you both!
srilyk6 years ago
Congrats on the engagement/wedding! Maybe I'll post something similar about my engagement. Creativity FTW!
gmjhowe (author)  srilyk6 years ago
haha! what did you do/planning to do for your engagment?
daywalker426 years ago
my god, you only get better with time, mate. I'm working on a knock-off of your weapons now, a single-shot piece that ought to be done sometime in the next three months or so. XD Congrats and I wish you both the best and a happy life together, and from the looks of things, I may copy the box fairly soon, if you catch my drift. Thanks for the -ible, and the inspirations
gmjhowe (author)  daywalker426 years ago
Im glad to have inspired! Im looking forward to your 'knock off', but id prefer the word homage. Im currently working on a pulse rifle!
Crucio6 years ago
Congratulations! When's the wedding? Are we all e-invited? :p
adamvan20006 years ago
Awesome 'ible and congrats, too. So nice to see people using their imaginations. ~adamvan2000
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