Today, I am going to show you how to keep your advertisements alive with only one step. As you know, there are some advertisement blocker plug-ins which can be easily added to your browser to block any advertisement such as banner, picture, opening window e.t.c. These are:

1. AdBlock

2. AdBlock Plus

3. AdBlock Pro

4. Fair AdBlock

You paid money to show people your advertisement about your company in Facebook, Twitter e.t.c. but web browsers blocked your advertisements and you lose customers and advertisements? Use this method to protect your advertisements.

Step 1: The Method to Keep Your Advertisement

Do these easy steps:

1. Do not prepare video ads, picture ads, gif ads, banners, video ads, everything like that interactive designed things.

Because: Ad blockers can easily kill your process, doesn't it? (Ad blocker user thinks "Yeah! Kill them all ads") So, you loose money.

2. Do only use a href code when you take customers to your website, and express your advertisement with only a webpage window sized width.

Because: Ad blockers can't block a href coded href links to your websites Yes this is true, and this is the point!

Step 2: Here Is an Example

On picture one, your advertisement will probably killed by ad blockers plugins on the web browser.

But, on the second picture, your advertisement still alive if you were used a code like that:

Antalya's hotels are %35 off for just two weeks, <a href="YourCompanyWebsite"check-in today to save %35 !!!</a>

If you can enlarge your a href option, none of the ad blocks could kill you at all.

Step 3: To Sum Up

I think companies will again use traditional methods to publish their advertisements in websites, and ad blockers gonna block them at the end, they are going to fight so many times.

We don't want fights, but we know that people earn salaries from these advertisements, that's what we respect.

I just want to tell both Facebook and Ad Block not to fight about advertisements.

The correct advertisement strategy will be loved by everyone! Just build a balance, this is what I do, I want to show you a method to making a balance point.

Note: This is my opinion for everyone

Note: The example about a sport website(dailymail.co.uk) is not a target, it is just a random example.

Note: An alternative method on GitHub


That's all !

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