This could quite possibly be the easiest and funniest prank you could ever pull off on someone, all you need is a cup, straw and lid, Its so unpredictable, No one will ever suspect a thing till they're completely wet. Find out how to execute this Funny prank by watching this video.
good prank but you sound like arnold schwarzenager
I love all your pranks there so cool! How can you think of these things? There awesome!
I like the rubber gloves... they'll NEVER suspect anything! :-)
This is win. I love it.
I feel sorry for your friends.
terrific prank, thank you very much i am going to enjoy this.
Thanks Im glad you liked it
I love these simple pranks. My friends don't though!
Two pranks in a row. Double whammy. Five big ones!
I am soooo going to use this! 5*
hehe funny
One of the best pranks I've seen. 5 stars
awesome, 5*
funny one ;)
good one
Hilarious! I gave it a 5, but is says 3.09 after 1 rating?! Weird.

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