How to Pull off the Greatest Prank Ever!!!!

video How to Pull off the Greatest Prank Ever!!!!
This could quite possibly be the easiest and funniest prank you could ever pull off on someone, all you need is a cup, straw and lid, Its so unpredictable, No one will ever suspect a thing till they're completely wet. Find out how to execute this Funny prank by watching this video.
kenzojames5 years ago
good prank but you sound like arnold schwarzenager
cloot1005 years ago
I love all your pranks there so cool! How can you think of these things? There awesome!
I like the rubber gloves... they'll NEVER suspect anything! :-)
LRMNmeyer5 years ago
This is win. I love it.
egriff5 years ago
I feel sorry for your friends.
terrific prank, thank you very much i am going to enjoy this.
Nextraker (author)  marc de decker5 years ago
Thanks Im glad you liked it
I love these simple pranks. My friends don't though!
Two pranks in a row. Double whammy. Five big ones!
sorinescu5 years ago
I am soooo going to use this! 5*
ventsi5 years ago
hehe funny
wibrle5 years ago
One of the best pranks I've seen. 5 stars
brandom7415 years ago
awesome, 5*
giannyl5 years ago
funny one ;)
greeenpro5 years ago
good one
gagfilms5 years ago
Hilarious! I gave it a 5, but is says 3.09 after 1 rating?! Weird.