Introduction: How to Put Photos on a PSP

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This is an Instructable on how to put photos on your PSP.

Step 1: Supplies

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1. A PSP
2. A computer
3. A PSP to computer cord
4. Photos you want on your PSP

Step 2: Pictures

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First, on your computer you will need to find the pictures that you want on your PSP.
I chose two pictures of the Instructables Robot.

Step 3: Folder

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Next, you will need to create a folder on your desktop called PHOTO all in capital letters as in picture 1.
Then, drag and drop the picture(s) you want on your PSP into this folder as in picture 2.

Step 4: Plug Your PSP Into the Computer

Picture of Plug Your PSP Into the Computer

Next, you will need to plug your PSP into the computer using the PSP to computer cord as in picture 1.
Then, on your PSP go under the settings menu, and select the option that says USB connection as in picture 1.
You should now be in USB mode on your PSP.

Step 5: More Stuff on the Computer

Picture of More Stuff on the Computer

Now that your PSP is in USB mode, the computer should recognize it and open an options menu.
Now that your computer is displaying an options menu, select the option that says open folder to view files as in picture 1.

Step 6: Folders on Your PSP

Picture of Folders on Your PSP

Now, your computer should be displaying the folders on your PSP.
Next, open the folder that says PSP as in picture 1.

Step 7: Your Almost Done

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Now, your computer should be displaying the folders inside of the folder named PSP as in picture 1.
Next, drag and drop the folder named PHOTO - the one with your picture(s) -into the folder named PSP, the one you are viewing.

Step 8: You're Done

Picture of You're  Done

You're done; you've found out how to put pictures on your PSP.
Now, go show your picture(s) off to friends, family, ~~ the hobo down the street, ~~ and whom ever you want.


asterphoenix_20 (author)2009-03-09

hello everyone!! i found out this forum site to be very nice!! anyway, i was wondering if anyone can help me make the most out of my psp!!! i mean to play psp games i downloaded. i have a series 2000, version 4.01!! I dont know anything about firmwares!! can anyone help me please???

Ichigok (author)asterphoenix_202015-03-03

But Thats After You Hacked It

Ichigok (author)asterphoenix_202015-03-03

You Have To Down Load CSO Files To Your PSP Through a Mini SD Card adaptor

Ichigok (author)2015-03-03

can You Do This with an SD Adaptor With A Mini SD Card Or Do I Have To Have The USB cord

tcid1 (author)2014-10-08

Can't under stad im using Windows 7

grk2meet (author)2009-07-29

l0lz u took these pics on my birthday chiee

tyry111 (author)2008-04-04

PSP's are Awesome!!!

winslow121 (author)tyry1112009-04-17

thats wat im saying

lil jon168 (author)2009-04-14

were do i open the pics at

amakerguy (author)2009-04-02
An easier way is to format your memory stick and then it automatically adds the PHOTO, VIDEO, and MUSIC folders.

  • To format: on your psp go to settings>system settings>Format memory stick.
DJ Radio (author)2008-12-30

dude, we already have instructions for this. its called the manual.

Hey, man I respect were your coming from... But, the manual doesn't have to many photos, so thats really why I made this ible.

ok, nice guide. but you should know that the new PSP manual has more pics.

Cool! I want a new PSP I don't have the one in this ible anymore... :'-(

DJ Radio (author)DJ Radio2008-12-30

but still, nice guide.

schimmi (author)2008-06-02

haha you have a slim, sucksh for you

megamonkey91 (author)schimmi2008-08-11

whats so bad about that? i have one and i like it

schimmi (author)megamonkey912008-08-11

harder to hack and no ir

DJ Radio (author)schimmi2008-12-30

hacking my old PSP was what broke it.

ReCreate (author)schimmi2008-12-24

Also you can watch tv on them

ReCreate (author)schimmi2008-12-24

but they have 32 more megs of RAM and are allover improved

thepaul93 (author)schimmi2008-12-11

i would rather have a slim then carry more weight with ir.

Brennn10 (author)2008-04-02

If I ever get a PSP, I will surely refer to this. Nice work.

DJ Radio (author)Brennn102008-12-30

you can also refer to the instruction manual, which comes with the PSP.

thepaul93 (author)Brennn102008-12-11

if you do get a PSP remember that you need a memory stick to put photos, videos and music

Thanks for the comment!

megmcfer37 (author)Brennn102008-04-02

I second that.

codongolev (author)2008-09-09

some would think this is obvious, but I have encountered people who have never even seen the main screen, their psp being on umd auto start ever since they bought it....

ashchetm (author)2008-07-15

I use the USB cord and computer too, it's a lot faster on the internet on the computer, but if you have wifi you can just download pictures off of Google images.

jademasker (author)2008-06-22

The "PSP to computer" cord is called a USB cord. <_

GorillazMiko (author)2008-04-01

I already know how to do this, but great job, very detailed.

Thanks for the comment. What model PSP do you have? I have the Daxter Special Edition.

j-manbrown (author)GorillazMiko2008-04-02

I agree, very detailed.

Riley101010 (author)2008-04-02

Very nice! I've always wanted to know how to do this. Vote & Favorite

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