Step 2: Obtain the E-Book

Picture of Obtain the E-Book
First you need to obtain the e-book, you can do this by downloading it from our site. The file will be in an epub format.

Put the ebook somewhere you can get to easily, like the desktop or in a folder called "Instructables Ebooks"
kbhasi3 years ago
Why don't you search for ïnstructables on the ibooks store?
humingbug3 years ago
Or you could just load up the site on the IPad safari and then press download the ebook
gtoal4 years ago
"by downloading it from our site"? Could you give some URLs please? - the only way I've found the files are by using the iBooks app on the iPad. (Or buying them from the B&N Nook store, which I'm not planning to do!)

I'ld like to download them so I can convert them to Kindle format. (I know it's a tricky process to do well but I do typesetting for the Kindle professionally so I look on it only as a challenge rather than an impossibility :-) )