This is a story of two pairs of pajama pants. One would get worn all the time and I had to force myself to wear the other pair when the first pair was in the laundry. After many weeks, I put it together: the neglected pair had no pockets! This is something we can fix!

Step 1: Prepare Yourself

Something about me: I hate pajama tops. Why bother to button up a shirt with a collar when you could just toss on one of a thousand free tshirts that you love? I don't even like the way the top looks when worn with the matching bottoms.

All this is to say: the pajama pants that I love conveniently came with a top that I decidedly would never wear. This top provided me with the perfect material out of which to make my pockets. If you are an individual who loves to lounge around your fireplace, drinking cocoa out of a mug in your matching pajama set, you can just make your pockets out of any old fabric. Be warned, however, that you will be able to see at least a little bit of the material inside the pocket most of the time when you are wearing your new pants, so choose a dark or matching color.


  • Pajama pants
  • The previously hated-on matching pajama top or other fabric for the pockets
  • (optional) Other pants to base the new pockets on


  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors (sewing, if you have them. If not, sharp ones will do)
  • Pins, or something to hold the pattern or fabric in place while cutting or sewing. I have previously used binder clips and tape in different situations when I was without pins, but please use something!
<p>Anyone figured out how to keep your pajama pants up if you actually put something in the pocket? Beside making them so tight they aren't comfortable any more?</p>
<p>I don't generally have any trouble with this. Only put my phone in my pocket and it's not too heavy. Do your pajama pants have elastic around the waist?</p>
<p>I've done this with shorts but I didn't cut the shorts to put the pockets in. I got out the seam ripper and took out the side seam and sewed the pockets in that area. you can do with pants, dresses, skirts or anything you need side pockets.</p>
<p>I agree. Pants should have pockets.</p>
<p>Pockets! They make me happy. Warm hands, a place for my keys, and keeping my phone handy. What deviant decides to make any pants without pockets in the first place?</p>

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