Picture of How to Put a Zipper into a purse
An easy, step by step guide to putting a zipper into that purse you've been meaning to sew. This is for those of you new to sewing. This tutorial originally appeared on my blog.

I am a self taught sewer, so I apologize in advance because I do not know a lot of the proper terminology for a lot of stuff. Hang in there, I'll explain things to the best of my ability and use lots of pictures.

For this purse, I used a really basic pattern (because it is fast), that you can find here. I recommend that you read through the tutorial a few times, and maybe make a bag or two without a zipper if you haven't made one like this before because I won't be going into the "how to" of making the actual bag. I'm just going to detail how to get the zipper into it. I also think this method will work with a gusseted bag with a few modifications.

Here is a picture of the finished purse so you can get an idea of how it will look when you are all done. I prefer to have my zipper about an inch down into the bag lining because that way it doesn't bubble up the way it does when you put the zipper right on top.

mamanfanny5 years ago
great !! I'll put a zipper in my handbag ! Thank you !!
cutekitten6 years ago
wCrow6 years ago
I have to ask, what in the name of Baal is on your... zipper pull? Despite the confusion at that pic, this is a well made instructable. Four stars.
enthraldesigns (author)  wCrow6 years ago
A wire wrapped vintage glass bead. It is really quite nice! LOL
foobear6 years ago
installing zippers is a mysterious black art that I fear!
omnibot6 years ago
HA HA!! I read "Put a zapper into a purse" and thought; -Yeah, get those purse-snatchers!
omnibot omnibot6 years ago
I like it though, good instructable and well planned out sewing.
ChrysN6 years ago
Great instructable, I really liked the fabric you used on the purse.