Introduction: How to Put on Firefighter Turn-Out Gear

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Firefighter turn-out gear is the gear that firefighters wear in emergency situations on the job. This instructable demonstrates how to put this gear on. It is intended to help fire recruits practice putting on their turn-out gear.

Step 1: Identify Your Gear

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Top Picture: Starting clockwise from bottom: bunker pants with nomex hood in between boots; SCBA mask & air pack; helmet; fire coat

Picture 2: Bunker Pants with nomex hood

Picture 3: SCBA mask & air pack

Picture 4: Fire coat with gloves attached

Picture 5: SCBA regulator

Step 2: Put on Nomex Hood

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    Pick up nomex hood from in between boots and put it on your head.

    Step 3: Put on Bunker Pants

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    1. Remove shoes and step into bunker pants
    2. Pull up the bunker pants and fasten clasp at the waist
    3. Pull the suspenders attached to your bunker pants over your shoulders

    Step 4: Put on Fire Coat

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    1. Put on fire coat.
    2. Fasten with zipper and then Velcro.
    3. Pull nomex hood back so it rests behind your neck (like a hoodie)

    Step 5: Put on Air Pack

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    1. Put on your air pack like you would put on a backpack.
    2. Fasten the air pack’s shoulder straps and waist strap.
    3. Tighten the waist strap by pulling on it

    Step 6: Turn on Air Cylinder

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    1. Locate air cylinder on the bottom right side of your air pack
    2. Open it by turning knob to the left (counterclockwise)

    Step 7: Put on Your SCBA Mask

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    1. Locate the clasp that attaches your SCBA mask to your air pack strap on your front left shoulder
    2. Unclasp your mask from your air pack straps
    3. Place the SCBA mask over your face
    4. pull the mesh cloth over your head so that it covers the back of your head

    Step 8: Secure SCBA Mask

    Picture of Secure SCBA Mask

    Note: There will be 5 straps on your SCBA mask that need to be tightened: an upper and lower strap on each side of your head, and a strap on top of your head.

    1. Tighten each strap until your mask feels secure
    2. Pull nomex hood back over your head

    Step 9: Attach SCBA Regulator

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    1. Attach SCBA regulator to the front of your SCBA mask with the purge valve (the red knob) pointing upward
    2. Turn the regulator 45 degrees to the left (counterclockwise). Air will now flow through your mask.

    Step 10: Put on Helmet

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    1. Put on helmet
    2. Secure helmet by locating the chinstrap on the left side of your helmet and buckling it to the right side
    3. Tighten helmet by pulling on the chinstrap

    Step 11: Put on Fire Gloves

    Picture of Put on Fire Gloves

      Put on your fire gloves

      Step 12: Secure Your Fire Coat Collar

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        Velcro your fire coat collar by securing it from right to left

        Step 13: Go Fight Fires!

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        Be safe!


        dan11357 made it! (author)2017-02-13

        1st time I clicked on I made it!

        MichelleK122 (author)dan113572017-02-13

        Way to go!

        3366carlos (author)2017-02-12

        kudos to all first responders, they protect us.

        DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-02-11

        Interesting. I am definitely going to show this to my son, he is obsessed with firemen.

        Awesome! I hope he likes it!

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