How to Put on a Condom

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Passo 4: Identify What Goes Where

Once it's out, you've got to figure out which way to orient it. Condoms get rolled down into position onto an erect penis, or, if it's not an erect penis, something that at least resembles an erect penis.

That means that you've got to apply the condom with the rolls on the outside, and the latex on the inside.

Think of it like the brim of a sombrero. Your head goes inside the hat and the brim curves up around the edges. The condom is the same way. The condom needs to be placed on the penis so that the roll of latex (brim) are facing up.

See photos below for additional info on which side is the "top" of the condom.
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AppleProductsGoToHell diz: Dez 17, 2013. 7:34 AM
IT look like a apple computer
luk9y diz: Jul 22, 2013. 10:28 AM
You are all perverts
leasho diz: Jul 9, 2012. 9:54 PM
As a former Sex Education Counsellor of five years:
the step where you are rolling the condom down the shaft: You should still be pinching the tip of the condom while rolling the condom down the shaft to prevent air from going into the tip.
From the first picture of the instructable, you can actually see there's air in the tip.

If there is air, the chances of the condom breaking once the semen goes in is relatively high.

Great and definitely necessary instructable! (thumbs up)
Elcolombiano diz: Jul 2, 2012. 10:32 PM
Its way much better to apply some lube in the penis before the condom. the condom WONT came out, the lube allow the condom to place better in the penis. It will increase the pleasure on men and of you want, you can use some HOT Lube (Water base) for better pleasure.

For non circumsice men, please REED or GOOGLE before saying condoms are just for circumsice men. just have to add some others steps. here ask the same...
Elcolombiano diz: Jul 2, 2012. 10:26 PM
Sorry Dude. Your are open it by the hard way.

Have you question why condoms are join together in this way?


If you see, most of thing use the dot .............

Thats because if you are going to get laid (sex) and the light are off, you WILL NEVER find the small slit you mentioned (In my country condoms dont have it too); so the vvvvvvvvvv shape allow you to find it just by passing the finger thought it.. And with that shape you can easy open the package without the needs of nails, teeths, sissors, etc.
Tee1120 diz: Jun 8, 2012. 2:53 PM
I think every guy has put a condom on the wrong way at sometime in his life. I will be honest and say I have numerous times lol My Ex actually got me this product take a look

There is a video at the bottom, watch it!
Androidk diz: Mar 21, 2012. 3:51 AM
Hey parents Practice THIS with your kids. As soon as I was old enough to buy condoms, my dad gave me money to buy condoms, so I went to walgreens and got a box, and the next day he made me buy another box of condoms and the next day, and the next, and the next, For a whole month! Every time I went In, there was this hot chick behind the counter, and every time I went in, I could see her grin and do a little chuckle, And I could tell, in her head she was like,"those are definitely too big for him." Grr...
FlatLinerMEDIC diz: Dez 9, 2011. 10:38 PM
haha I thought your foam was a glass.....connection interrupted.
hossweightlifter diz: Jul 8, 2011. 8:26 AM
lol at u having a dildo
Super_pride1146 diz: Mar 20, 2011. 3:47 PM
Also, apply slight pressure in the center to assure that there is still an air bubble--that means that theres no tears in the package and thusly, the condom.
Freeshka diz: Mar 12, 2011. 7:37 PM
is that a styrafome penis?!... if thats what your in to than who am i to judge?
Parrhesia diz: Jan 6, 2011. 7:51 PM
Really glad to see this here! Major props for putting this together. The following is directed at some of the sillier comments, not the author:

When I was in high school (long ago, when Aqua Net and ghetto blasters roamed the earth), I was a member of an HIV/AIDS peer education group. One of the common excuses we heard for not wearing a condom was that they were too small, to which a friend of mine would respond by quietly putting one on his head and pulling it down over his nose.

If you're that big, you don't need a condom. You need a doctor.

misspopularityxxx diz: Out 28, 2010. 7:55 AM
puttin on a condom is so easy all you gotta do is stay calm
and breath slowly i always have to help my boyfriend with it !!!!
JohnJY diz: Jul 20, 2010. 5:47 PM
Very, very well written Instructable, with pictures of clarity. But sex is not for "fun", it is for love, and therefor should never be done before marriage.
jester_5123 diz: Fev 24, 2011. 7:45 PM
i mean no offense to you or your beliefs, 94, but i believe that there can be love without marriage and that if two people know they love each other, they should be free to make that decision themselves...without me or you or anyone telling them what they "should" or should not do. thats a very personal decision and i would hope that most people prefer it to stay that way...i know i would...and again, i mean no offense...just stating my personal opinion....maybe trying to protect those who feel pressured by what other people want them to do...:-)
JohnJY diz: Mar 14, 2011. 4:41 PM
I see your point, but it's better in this modern society where birthrate in teenagers is on the rise, I believe anyway, that it would be better to inform people more boldly to not cause those numbers to rise any farther. So to a teenager "If you love someone it's ok to have sex," it's like saying, to a teenager anyway, "Have sex with anyone you think you love at that point." Although there beliefs and customs are different, my opinion, even though biblical rooted, is based on fact as well. In English, television should stop advertising sex...
jester_5123 diz: Mar 15, 2011. 10:07 AM
also a good point and i cant deny the validity of that statement. i know how teens are these days (mostly because im still dealing with them lol) and it would do our society much good to take a more active role in educating teenagers and doing everything possible to make sure teens today understand the risks and, if things go wrong anyway, the responsibilities that come with the far as not causing those numbers to rise further, im realistic. i kow that we cant get rid of pregnancy or std's and i know that teens wont completely stop having sexual encounters. i do however know the results in studies show that teen pregnancy and s.t.d. transmission levels have been reduced since the institution of sexual-education classes, but i, for one, can testify to the ineffectiveness and the overall lacking of the program. i realize that every school and every nurse is different, but the funding of this program is inadequate i believe. the program should be revised to provide more information, resources, and take more time with the students on THEIR level. im sure that we can lower those pregnancy and std transmission rates even further through proper education and support of our youth..
JohnJY diz: Mar 15, 2011. 4:29 PM
Your comment is of my complete support.
jester_5123 diz: Mar 17, 2011. 10 AM
thank you :-) too many people these days just dont take the time with their kids or they just dont care. its nice to know there are still level-headed, THINKING adults out there...
m4l1n diz: Jun 26, 2011. 1:47 PM
Love is never predictable. I think having "sex with anyone you think you love at that point." is always applicable, since even if you're married you can't know for sure if you'll love each other and be together/married for the rest of your lives. So, and this is my point, live a little more in the present and have sex with the one you love - before marriage.
Freeshka diz: Mar 12, 2011. 7:36 PM
unless you love someone before marrige.
Early_Age diz: Jun 26, 2010. 4:04 PM
uhm, ya. me and my boyfriend had sex a year ago, and even though we were both ready to... "Do it" He said he was aroused but when he went to put the condom on, he barely had an erection. Is that because he was nervous, or was it because of me?
knuffe diz: Nov 30, 2010. 2:33 PM
It was just nervous i think. XD
spooky2012 diz: Jun 6, 2010. 10:53 PM
Another potential problem is if the guy isn't circumcised, since condoms were designed for men who are. You might want to look into solutions for that, since it isn't something that can be resolved with practice.
konger diz: Jul 25, 2010. 3:26 PM
According you the inventor of condom was also circumcised? You must be missing the important part of skin that protects the P***s or might not know the size of of it that does not make any difference in wearing a condom.
knuffe diz: Nov 30, 2010. 2:33 PM
Not true, what a silly thing to say! Condoms are made for everyone. I be not circumstanced and I don't have problems with them. Neither do anyone I know.

Tip: A good way for men to train putting on condoms is while masturbating. No spills and it wont be so strange.

Have a nice day and blessed be.
Tiktaky diz: Mai 6, 2010. 12:53 AM
 Latex allergies are uncommon however an Intolerance is common (especially in australia with it being nearly 1 in 100)

I suffer from a rubber intolerance, this includes Latex, Polyurethane and Vynal. Meaning Sheepskin condoms are my only option.

With non-latex condoms the expiration date is vital, as some rubbers can break down, and polyurathane is more brital.

Never store condoms in a wallet, direct sunlight or high heat area's (such as in your car) 
Super_pride1146 diz: Mar 20, 2011. 3:40 PM
Either trojan or Durex has a new brand of condoms, SKYN, that aren't rubber based if memory serves.

May 6th is also my birthday :)
jaguar2101 diz: Mar 28, 2010. 1:38 PM
so my girlfriend and i have had sex several times....and ive tried many different types of sizes and kinds of doesnt seem to matter whether the condom is to big or to small, or what kind it is, it never wants to stay on the base of my always slides up.....any advice??
23yearoldsexoligist diz: Mar 1, 2010. 11:22 PM
he did that wrong, your supposed to squeez the tip of the condom with your fingers so theres no air in there, that can make the condom slide off easily if theres an air pocket.
losingfaith diz: Fev 8, 2010. 12:09 AM
ithink it's great you posted this. but i thought i would just let you know a small step was left out.  before opening the condom you should not only check the expiration date but you should also squeeze the pack to make sure there is an air bubble  to indicate that the package has not been  punctured in anyway.  
weaponscollector94 diz: Dez 12, 2009. 11:36 PM
he he heheehe i scored
condoms diz: Out 12, 2009. 6:57 PM
Great job!
Cruncher123 diz: Ago 16, 2009. 3:55 PM
how do you put the condom on if u have a foreskin?
qballcat diz: Set 3, 2009. 6:01 PM
.....? if you have "wood" your foreskin is pulled back to behind the head.
weaponscollector94 diz: Dez 12, 2009. 11:36 PM
hehehe you said wood
qballcat diz: Dez 12, 2009. 11:39 PM
hehehe, so did you
weaponscollector94 diz: Dez 13, 2009. 3:36 PM
ya, it was cool
Ninzerbean diz: Jun 10, 2009. 6:05 PM
I have a friend with a rather small penis and he insists that using an extra large condom gives him more pleasure because of the bagginess of the wrinkles rubbing against his penis. This makes sense to me and it does indeed fit tightly enough at the base. This might be good advice for men who want more "feeling" than wearing a condom gives. Personally I think the biggest sex organ is your brain so it you have the right attitude it's all good. Great instructable, thank you.
dawning diz: Jul 6, 2009. 6:01 PM
I'm not sure if the change in the sheer forces experienced in that situation would be safe in terms of rips. I've had absolutely terrible luck with rips, but that seems due to the condoms being too small. Nevertheless, I'd take some time to do some extra research on that if I were you.
x0gotlemons0x diz: Abr 16, 2009. 10:13 PM
I thought it would be good to add a tidbit to your final step: I read/saw somewhere that, during disposal of the condom, that you should tie off the end of it, like you would a balloon, to keep the fluids inside the condom rather than sloshing around in your trash (or wherever you decided to throw that thing).
redneckjaybyrd diz: Out 28, 2009. 2:11 AM
That reminds me of a story of a married couple that had a house built and with a brand new septic tank and one day they had it cleaned and the husband had notice inflated condoms (inflated from gases from sewage I believe) and they have never used condoms.  She had been cheating on him for years and she flushed them down the toilet for disposal.
airsoftbeast40 diz: Dez 2, 2009. 5:39 PM
thats funny =p
MillenniumMan diz: Mar 12, 2009. 11:54 AM
For my first time, it was a lot of trial and error. I wanted so bad to ask the female clerk at the pharmacy counter "Is there a fitting room I can try these on at?" Then all sorts of images popped into my head, mostly of the girl at the counter helping me try them on to get a proper fit ;) BTW, it turns out I have to wear Trojan Magnum XL because of my girth (just average length :( )
nohopcicle diz: Mar 18, 2009. 3:37 PM
hahahahahahahahaha nice
redneckjaybyrd diz: Out 28, 2009. 2:16 AM
If you get a good condom, you only need a regular size condom, no matter how big you are.  You can put a regular sized good condom on your arm even. Condom busts are cause by cheap and or defective condoms.
23yearoldsexoligist diz: Mar 1, 2010. 11:20 PM
relax up and have the girl you are going to have sex with help you find the right size. put it on and have oral sex first, if it breaks get a new one and have oral sex again, and do this until one doesnt break. if she doesnt want oral sex, put it on and masturbate very roughly, give it a good stress test befor you use it :D
rricu diz: Set 16, 2011. 2:17 PM
it would be easier when producers would print out the condom size on the packaging and not make us guess or try to find out fit with trial and error

I try to gather sizes of all kinds of different condoms. here is the list, it may be helpful to others as well:
DevilDriver666 diz: Mar 1, 2009. 12:40 AM
how do you know what size you are? or is it just trial and error? and are free condoms just as effective as bought ones?
23yearoldsexoligist diz: Mar 1, 2010. 10:49 PM
free condoms are not as trustable as bought ones,  remember you get what you pay for, if its free then its cheap
23yearoldsexoligist diz: Mar 1, 2010. 11:16 PM
i had this happen to me 6 times. a condom that i got from the health clinic for free broke, and i only got a condom from there 7 times! ive bought and 200 condoms over the last 4 years and the ones that i bought, only 6 of them broke. put the condom on befor you use it, and give it a stress test. put it on and stretch it pull it and slide it around to see how strong it is, dont worry about breaking it when it only cost 75cents for a condom and a child cost you about 30,000 once there about 3-4 years of age.
Super_pride1146 diz: Mar 20, 2011. 3:41 PM
I have to wonder if you're using them correctly. What health clinic? Planned Parenthood uses trust, approved brands.
simpson420 diz: Fev 19, 2009. 11:22 PM
hey mygirlfriend and me had sex and it was my firs time and i guess i didnt put it on right and i came out without it and i had to like go in and grab it after and she as mad about me not putting it on right and it was real awkward and we havent realy talked since wht did i do rong
deathzone diz: Dez 30, 2009. 10:11 PM
Dude, just remember TRAMPOLINE, it really helps, look at it, the more flat side goes on then it rolls down simple
23yearoldsexoligist diz: Mar 1, 2010. 10:43 PM
when you put a condom on both sides are lubricated some. so the inside will slip, different brands of condoms fit diferently. just like shoes. depending on your size, you need to get a smaller or tighter  condom. trust me, you think your penis is big, but uless its a 12in or a 15in fake. try buying "ribbed" or "trojan". also dont go very fast durring sex. once you've ejaculated take off the condom and rinse or wipe of your penis befor you put on  a new one.
the+guy+who+wants+to+know diz: Fev 1, 2009. 9:04 PM
hey it wrked i had a condom and a stiffy and it wrked thx this sites the stuff man
boylover1123 diz: Jan 20, 2009. 12:49 PM
wow who doesnt know how to put a condom on wow!!!
andrewthegreat diz: Mai 21, 2009. 5:02 PM
heey umm some guys havt had inner or outter course sex like omg u dont have to say who doesnt know how some guys dont
lunchboxslayer27 diz: Jun 2, 2009. 12:03 PM
you. why would u be looking for this anyway if u knew how to put one on?
ram_f15 diz: Nov 23, 2008. 3:11 PM
Thanks a lot, I'm new to site, your topic helped me a lot because I wanted to write such thing about comdom for our university papers, I have not read it completely till now but I hope it would contain diffrent types of condom. You know, I live in a country that some of your site pages are banned for us to see, so It would help me a lot if anyone could do me a favour and send the related PDF files or videos under this topic to my mail address, this way I can see them. good luck...
LoopyMind diz: Out 21, 2008. 10:02 PM
Careful with sharp/jagged/uncut fingernails here...
the-super-reaper diz: Out 21, 2008. 9:25 PM
You know...You are all my heros :) Very well informed and very well spoken Good job on not acting like complete imbeciles! Love it and dont stop the conversation because its amazing.
HOMEPIE64 diz: Out 19, 2008. 5:50 AM
ok, this is a great instructable, but what about sizing and what size is proper for well your own size, diameter and height and different brands different sizes(extra snug snug large), what condoms are of better quality, where to keep condoms so they are not damaged, and what causes a condom to break most of the time.
sadunpererarules diz: Set 20, 2008. 3:22 AM
in south africa u get em for free. unless you want funky flavours. haha. i dont worry bowt putting on condoms. she does it for me. haha
123456789115 diz: Jul 15, 2008. 3:34 PM
am I bad for getting a condom and putting it on? I just wanted 2 no how it fit and i put 1 on and threw it am i bad?
Crash+Plague diz: Out 17, 2008. 2:12 PM
................. What? No, you're not "bad", whatever that is supposed to mean :P
taraist diz: Out 19, 2008. 2:48 AM
No, that was smart! Now you will be more comfortable with them!
Very+Keri diz: Out 19, 2008. 4:38 AM
Practice makes perfect.
bug+on+fire diz: Fev 19, 2009. 10:12 PM
well if u were bad that means that i will be bad i will try this some time it's just what very keri said practice makes perfect i want to know how to put on a condom fast because if I'm making out with my girlfriend and don't know how to put on a condom then that would be embarrassing and worse i might do it with out a condom. So back to the original question NO YOU WERE NOT BAD YOU WERE ACTUALLY INTERESTED SO THAT IS GOOD
23yearoldsexoligist diz: Mar 1, 2010. 11:11 PM

NO!!!!! your not bad, parents try to keep these things from you, but kids need to learn about these things starting around when there 13 or 14 years of age. listen to me buddy, its not bad that you tried it, but please do not have sexual intercourse with a woman until you are atleast 17 years of age. i regret and love my first time. i was 15 and horny, but i was way to young. to make yourself happy about sex, is to wait until your married, but if you dont please use a condom. also i know people think its gross and your parents tell you its wrong and people say its a sin. but if its a sin then man would have not been made for sex. masturbating is a natural way to make yourself ready for sex, it can make it more fun and make it last longer. i was to young when i had my first time but, i was ready, and hey what do you know, we got married at 21, and now im 23 and have a 3 year old sun. its great!but dont masturbate to porn, thats not something that is completely apropriate.

lil+jon168 diz: Jun 27, 2008. 3:06 PM
do you have to be a certain age to buy a condom
Ora diz: Jun 28, 2008. 11:44 PM
No you don't.
Androidk diz: Mar 21, 2012. 3:33 AM
Actually I think You have to be atleast 12, and is your picture a molotov cocktail?
emericanskater diz: Jun 17, 2008. 5:19 PM
when i buy them they always ask me wat there for and i say there for my uncles bachelor party were using them as balloons cuz a kid my age buying condoms means hes getting laid( i dont plan on for a awhile) or hes gonna do something stupid with them
KentsOkay diz: Jun 1, 2008. 8:18 AM
Wow just bought my first pack... USE THE SELF CHECKOUT ISLE!!! Nobody has to deal with you directly, but the employee overseeing them gave me the thumbs up. Thanks for the info!
Browncoat diz: Mar 31, 2008. 8:33 PM
Awesome instructable!!
rickw diz: Mar 31, 2008. 1:08 PM
Interesting Instructable, I guess... I want to take exception with something you say in the last step. Latex is a natural rubber and is biodegradable, even in water. You shouldn't flush condoms because they can cause problems in the plumbing. This is also the reason to not use very old condoms or condoms that have been stored improperly. From the very first link on google after typing "latex biodegradable" : "Are latex balloons biodegradable? Latex is a 100-percent natural substance that breaks down both in sunlight and water. The degradation process begins almost immediately. Oxidation, the “frosting” that makes latex balloons look as if they are losing their color, is one of the first signs of the process. Exposure to sunlight quickens the process, but natural microorganisms attack natural rubber even in the dark. Research shows that under similar environmental conditions, latex balloons will biodegrade at about the same rate as a leaf from an oak tree. The actual total degradation time will vary depending on the precise conditions. Click here for more information" Although that information is in regards to balloons, latex, no matter the form, is the constant. Of course polyurethane condoms don't break down. I do agree that they should be disposed of properly, no matter the material of construction.
blksheep diz: Mar 31, 2008. 9:25 AM
So THAT'S how you do it!

Seriously, good instructable.
static diz: Mar 27, 2008. 7:15 PM
The mention of home made condoms reminded me of this joke. This dentist had a new patient who was an elderly woman and seemed to be uncomfortable. So the dentist tried to lighten the mood as he was putting on latex glove by telling the woman that latex glove where made by people putting their hands into liquid latex and pulling off the formed glove after the stuff dried. The woman didn't event give the slightest hint of being amused, but burst out laughing later on. Surprised the dentist ask what was so funny. The woman said she just imagined how condoms could be made. Sorry...
QuestionConvenience diz: Mar 25, 2008. 7:24 PM
Very well done instructable. However, in the section where you mention the effectiveness of condoms (99.whatever%) it is important to note that there is still a possibility of pregnancy, no matter how small. All responsible heterosexual partners should discuss what to do if they ever find themselves part of that .01% that slip through. There is no right answer, but couples should be in agreement about how to deal with it, if it ever happens. And it does happen. I recommend condom usage in combination with another preventive form of birth control. Nice job though.
z-man6233 diz: Abr 18, 2008. 4:44 AM
don't ever use more then one condom at the same time. it makes the condoms more susceptible to breakage.
F1X0R diz: Mar 25, 2008. 3:44 PM
good Instructable. although latex does break down naturally it takes a long long long long time, and your compost bin really isn't the place for it you're right, the polyurethane however do not degrade at all, they are a plastic substances. anyway imagine if you didn't know that latex brings you out in a rash and a condom is the first time you get to find out!
altmaker diz: Mar 25, 2008. 12:38 PM
In response to the "Circumcised/Non-circumcised issue, it makes no difference whether a guy's penis is circumcised or not, the condom goes on the same, although a suggestion being (Thanks Unspecified!) that you can roll down the foreskin before putting the condom on, allowing easier application.
Tetranitrate diz: Mar 25, 2008. 9:56 AM
I really love how New York City has its own official condom. I always thought a city with a more "progressive" reputation, like San Francisco, would be the first to do something like that, but as far as I know New York is the only city to actually have this kind of program. This leads to wonderful tidbits on a .gov site like: -Don't use two condoms at the same time to cover the penis—it can make the condoms slip off or break. -Change to a new condom if you have prolonged vigorous and/or anal sex -(If a condom breaks) Do not douche the vagina or anus. -You can urinate if the break occurs during vaginal sex. (I really hope they mean after the sex is over)
brutalme19 diz: Mar 25, 2008. 12:02 PM
Yeah, the urinating thing is nasty but it is an effective last attempt at making sure you dont get pregnant (naturally washing the semen out).
ojochris diz: Mar 25, 2008. 12:27 PM
Actually, I don't think it washes it out, but I think that the acidity kills it instead... but effective nonetheless.
Very+Keri diz: Mar 25, 2008. 6:08 PM
Now, from what I've HEARD, it's pretty close to impossible to pee while you have an erection. That being said, I don't think any matter of trying to wash out the sperm will do you much good. Once an egg is fertilized, the damage is done. That's why you're supposed to use spermicidal jelly, birth control in addition to condoms, etc. If all else really fails, there's emergency contraception, which still isn't a sure thing.
solo.card diz: Mar 25, 2008. 6:17 PM
Close, but not quite impossible....
Tetranitrate diz: Mar 26, 2008. 9:03 AM
By emergency contraception, I'm guessing you mean the morning after pill?
pmartinez diz: Mar 26, 2008. 2:56 PM
Hi I agree with you 100%. It is impossible to pee since the "erection" which is done by the stretching or swelling of 3 individual muscles: corpus cavernosum (2) and corpus spongiosum "shuts" or constricts the ureter and although some guys can urinate (so I've heard and not very many), I assume its got to be extremely painful. Unfortunately, I disagree with the contraception methods "after" pregnancy I'm Pro Life. Everyone should assume their responsibility, although every person is a different universe.
ojochris diz: Mar 26, 2008. 5:24 PM
Ok, I'm wierd then, I can pee with an erection... It doesn't hurt (that much) at all.
Ps- I agree with the "pro life" statement, It is your job to have a baby if you concieve(sorry if I spelled that wrong) and if you don't want a kid that much, then abstinense(same goes here) is essential.
Very+Keri diz: Mar 26, 2008. 5:53 PM
I just want to make it clear that I didn't mention the morning after pill to spark a moral debate, I simply said it's an option. I completely agree with abstinence being the only 100 % affective method of birth control.
The+Tower+That+Ate diz: Mar 29, 2008. 5:48 PM
abstinence being the only 100 % affective method of birth control.

Very+Keri diz: Mar 29, 2008. 6:08 PM
lol! You know, I had that in the back of my mind when I was writing that comment.
ojochris diz: Mar 30, 2008. 12:09 PM
let's not bring religon into this... but good point.
The+Tower+That+Ate diz: Mar 30, 2008. 1:16 PM
let's not bring religon into this...

Right. Wouldn't want to offend anyone. God forbid.
Prometheus diz: Abr 5, 2008. 5:15 AM
Your religion has just as much capability to offend as much as you are offended by other religions. God also scorned poor math skills and cyber-marketing.
The+Tower+That+Ate diz: Dez 14, 2008. 6:49 PM
My religion? (I don't think of myself as having a religion, really. I would say I am a spiritual person, but that spirituality isn't applied onto any religious framework). Or are you using "you" and "yours" as a less pompous "one" and "one's"? I ask, fearing you suspect I'm one more intolerant, narrow-minded person, making the world that little bit more of a frustrating place to live. That is something that, every day, I try very hard not to be. I don't know. Maybe if you or some other person reads this, you or he/she will be given a little boost in your/their hopes that just maybe the world's heading in the right direction, and that maybe we're all going to be alright, seeing as the world is occupied by just one more considerate, rational, compassionate human being. I hope that doesn't come across as grandiose or vain.
Androidk diz: Mar 21, 2012. 3:30 AM
Or you can make your own religion like me, Im Madakoprist! as are 2 other people my brother and my uncle. Just pick what you like in a religion, and build around it till its a whole religion with your preferances... or would that be a cult?
Very+Keri diz: Mar 30, 2008. 6:45 PM
It was just a joke about the story, no one is preaching here.
ojochris diz: Mar 31, 2008. 11:40 AM
I know.
_soapy_ diz: Jun 10, 2008. 9:57 AM
Except that few people have the willpower to not go all the way - so at what point has the "abstinence method" failed? This is the biggest problem with teaching kids to wait "for love" or whatever. The abstinence method fails a lot, but those who preach it want it both ways - they just say that if it failed, they didn't use the abstinence "method" and so the rate is still 100%. If you take into account that every single pregnancy is due to a failure of the abstinence method, even before the use (or not) of condom, cap, pulling out, pill, etc. it should show you just how useless it really is. Since the stats are fake, what can you do? Answer, carry a condom. Abstinence - a nice idea for parents. In reality, give your kids a condom, and tell them that you'll be mad if they get caught screwing, but you'll be sad if they end up pregnant or dying of AIDS. p.s. Jesus had an older brother. Explain that, after you explain your proof that Genesis is factually correct.
Very+Keri diz: Jun 10, 2008. 2:48 PM
I just said that it's the ONLY 100% effective method of birth control (and preventing STDs and all that crap). I completely advocate education and using condoms as stated in my first post on this instructable, which apparently turned this into a huge freaking debate, which I'm tired of commenting on. If you want to talk about will power. I'm a military spouse, and a faithful one at that. It's not that hard, I just pretend sex doesn't exist for months at a time. :)
_soapy_ diz: Jun 11, 2008. 9:41 AM
And my response was that abstinence is a terrible 'method'!

It doesn't work. Any horny teen tasked with not thinking about sex is doomed to fail, in the same way that few people can not think of an elephant when told not to think of an elephant.

Sex happens. Even your grandparents discovered it before you did. Telling kids simply not to partake is foolish in the extreme. (Doesn't work for drugs too well, either, but there is little option there.) With sex, teach them how to use a condom. Sure, it might fail once every 100 times or so, but abstinence fails *every time* someone has sex.
Very+Keri diz: Jun 11, 2008. 5 PM
LOL! Ok, we're on the same page. You're just not getting me. What I'm saying is encourage your kids not to have sex, since thats the only way they can guarantee they won't have any issues. However if they do have sex, use a condom. I just had some friends in high school who had no idea what was going on and through education, they were able to make better decisions. My grandma agrees, they didn't teach them that stuff back in the day and she thinks it was a huge mistake. We're cool, I promise. I'm just getting annoyed having to keep coming back to this instructable. I'm absolutely done posting on it right now.
Androidk diz: Mar 21, 2012. 3:21 AM
I just thought of a elephant
_soapy_ diz: Jun 11, 2008. 9:44 AM
Abstinence fails every time your kids have sex. Condoms fail perhaps once every hundred goes. That's a huge difference. Keri, I'm not having a go at you at all.
Androidk diz: Mar 21, 2012. 3:24 AM
Ya know I just thought of somthing, There is a VERY under the counter drug called the abtinance pill, it kills the blood vessels in the penis causing an erection to be permanently be impossible... Rubber bands and popsicle stick splint!
taraist diz: Out 19, 2008. 3:57 AM
Keri, you are neglecting the greaestt aid to abstinace! Any teenager will be able to describe it to you...
finton diz: Set 15, 2014. 4:09 PM

I know this is 6 years later soapy, but I'm curious as to why you say Jesus had an older brother. He had other brothers*, sure, but older?

Perhaps you're thinking of James, who was the oldest of Jesus' four brothers rather than the oldest of all the boys.

* You know, by unprotected sex. Joseph and Mary obviously hadn't seen noahw's Instructable ;)

uniboob+tom diz: Dez 14, 2008. 5:57 PM
thats funny
The+Tower+That+Ate diz: Dez 14, 2008. 6:35 PM
Thanks! I try. :]
Androidk diz: Mar 21, 2012. 3:18 AM
And the erection is OUTAHERE!
budman1404 diz: Abr 26, 2008. 5:59 AM
An aspirin held between the womans knees is pretty efective...for abstinence, and birth control...multi-tasking!!!
taraist diz: Out 19, 2008. 3:53 AM
I disagree, one could hold an aspirin between the knees and still have many positions for sex!
pmartinez diz: Abr 1, 2008. 9:57 PM
ha ha.. you not weird, you have an advantage over me...!
ojochris diz: Abr 2, 2008. 11:58 AM
ha ha, Ok...!
taraist diz: Out 19, 2008. 3:51 AM
Fortunately, it's not your job to choose what other people do.
afcbasser diz: Abr 2, 2008. 8:36 PM
o dear. 1. Corpus cavernosa are not muscular, they're cartilage structures containing many small chambers to be filled with blood. 2. a ureter is not part of the penis. both men and women have 2 ureters, they connect the kidneys to the urinary bladder. The urethra however, is surrounded by corpus spongiosum, and though the spongiosum does become engourged, the urethra is in no way "shut off". if it were, we would not be able to ejaculate as semen if fired out the urethra while the penis is still erect.
pmartinez diz: Abr 3, 2008. 3:53 PM
Thank you I tried keeping in a low profile.. but thank you for the comment. Pedro Martinez MD Trauma department Baptist Hospital
Androidk diz: Mar 21, 2012. 3:16 AM
AHUWUH? Can you dumb that down for me?
Prometheus diz: Abr 5, 2008. 1:06 AM
It takes me an incredible amount of restraint not to point out the chauvinistic belief of pro-lifers, or their belief in a bible rewritten by a raving, serial-murdering lunatic....

Despite that the option to have a baby is a responsibility, there is another responsibility not to have one. Pregnancy does not occur during coitus, it occurs at conception, consciousness does not occur at the instant of conception (it is unclear as to exactly when, but observed results show that it is plausible once the fetus can respond to external stimulus), and life has already occurred before the man and woman meet before coitus.

Life in the uterus occurs every 28 days, only to be allowed to persist upon conception...So by definition, simply menstruating is murder (as it is the female body performing it's own abortion of an unfertilized egg), and all women of birthing age shall be jailed and crucified....Imagine the 12-14 year old girls flooding the jail system for murder....I'm sure it is the will of God to stone teenage girls to death for menstruating.

I'd rather abort a baby that could not be supported or cared for properly, than force it to grow up and live without all the care a child needs for natural development. Sex is part of the bonding between a male and female human that THEN leads to a coupling, not the other way around.

Per observed fact in the animal kingdom, the predisposition of the male of the mammalian species to "spread his seed as widely as possible" is nature at work. A persistently unwilling female is given up upon in search for one more "receptive" one. Humans are the only animal that will feel the need to believe an extensively-rewritten and loosely-translated book of the greatest story ever told, over their natural impulses inherited genetically, at least some are in touch with their nature, anyway.

While I don't believe in abortion when past the first trimester, it is more a sin to force the child to live in a way where it can't have a good life. "Love thy children" means knowing when to let go, even if you have to let go just after conception. This is not to say that I, nor any pro-choice person thinks that a woman should use abortion instead of birth-control, but even birth-control fails now and again, so in such instances, or instances of rape, a woman should not be forced to raise an unplanned child, regardless of what Jerry Falwell says (have you seen his corporate jet?).

Oops, I did it again.....I brought facts that confront the pro-life belief, despite knowing there is no way to educate the incorrigible. I'm leaving this alone now, as I have a condition that forces me to make sense, and hostile to televangelistic hate-speech under the cover of a religious overtone to appear "family-oriented", loving, caring, and honest........because women are obviously not capable of making their own decisions.....

Sorry, you didn't spew hate-speech, but you triggered memories of all the hate-speech and homicidal actions of pro-lifers on the unfortunate. I couldn't stop myself...Pro-Life = Anti-Choice = Socialism. G.W. Bush's line, "Life begins at contraception" (no typo there, exact words) just fuels my hatred of willful ignorance, because so many turn a blind-eye to anything that does not adhere to *their* truth.....some call it "blind faith", others call it a passive-obsessive disorder. I call it "a refusal to challenge one's own beliefs for the sake of pride in one's self-importance and elitism"....

Believe what you will, I'm fine with that, but "pro-life" is as offensive a slur to me as simply mentioning the Aryan Nation movement, because their methods are so congruent.
Very+Keri diz: Abr 5, 2008. 2:52 AM
A: Your rant has nothing to do with this instructable and... B: "Life in the uterus occurs every 28 days, only to be allowed to persist upon conception...So by definition, simply menstruating is murder (as it is the female body performing it's own abortion of an unfertilized egg), and all women of birthing age shall be jailed and crucified....Imagine the 12-14 year old girls flooding the jail system for murder....I'm sure it is the will of God to stone teenage girls to death for menstruating. " Give me a break!
Prometheus diz: Abr 26, 2008. 4:40 AM
I did. The fact has freed you to be open to the world around you.
taraist diz: Out 19, 2008. 3:49 AM
He made a point with that bit of sarcasm. not only is there all sorts of life in a female reproductive system at all times(bacteria, body cells, egg cells. etc), once one of the egg cells meets with a sperm cell, they often, on their own, do not stick to the uterine wall. Past that, they can stick, then suddenly unstuck, could have joined outside of the fallopian tubes or uterus(ectopic pregnancy in the ovaries, etc), and fail to grow. So not only is menstruation removing life, daily biological functions are removing life, unknown causes are removing life, and even a bad match of sperm and egg can abort itself, if they together lack the necessary genes to grow. None of this means you have to think it's okay to take measures to prevent conception, or end pregnancy. I can understand the idea that is nature/god, and we shouldn't intervene(though of course I'd urge you to look up food, herbal, and enviromental abortificants. What someone eats or does can cause miscarriage too). I respect your philosophical and spiritual findings, and we all want to reduce abortions(hence this great instructable!) but that doesn't mean anyone else has to adhere to your philosophical and spiritual findings. They have their own. Yes, even women. so you definitely can dislike it, not wish to be a party to it, etc. but the words disagree and "don't believe" don't make sence in this context (these things exist, and it's not an argument that it happens, I think you'd agree. And you certainly cannot disagree with an action, as it cannot argue) Unless of course you're using that word in a British sence, in which case I think we all find abortion disagreeable, IE- not pleasant.
greenmanj23 diz: Mai 27, 2009. 5:46 PM
If someone dies of an accident there is little to no problem, but the problem is when someone chooses to kill another living being. To have an abortion means you are choosing to kill. That is murder. If your body by chance expels the fertilized egg you have nothing to do with it.
sekiraO_O diz: Out 12, 2009. 3:33 AM
It isn't as if a woman doesn't suffer when she has an abortion and "gets away with it". There is always some emotional and physical anguish. As a Believer I can understand you wanting so save some souls, but this isn't how to do it. It's okay to explain your beliefs to people and it's okay for you to listen to there's, but I think believers should be critiquing each other, not non-believers. We live in a different world to them so our advice isn't really relevent. God doesn't want people to obey him just because other people keep harrassing them. God wants people to obey him from faith and love.
Personally I don't think we can know God's stance on abortion because he didn't give any specific guidance about that, but if you feel it's wrong, then don't do it. Remember, if God gives these people free choice you should too.
pmartinez diz: Abr 19, 2008. 12:22 PM
Dear Prometheus. I join this instructable because I like to learn new things. Sorry you had a bad experience, however; I don't want to deviate this valuable website to something I am NOT interested in talking nor pursuing. Mine was a simple comment, sorry if it offended you, it was not ment to do so. By the way... life does not occur in the uterus every 28 days "ovulation does" which is a "Potential for Life" first it needs to be fecundated. Pedro Martinez MD PRO LIFE
Tetranitrate diz: Abr 19, 2008. 5:13 PM
This whole thread has sort of gone off on a tangent, but since all the participants seem to be well informed and good tempered, I see no reason why it shouldn't keep going.

If you feel that ovulation is just the potential for life, what does fertilization change about that? The cell / cells are just one step closer, but two cells are still a far cry from being a living breathing human being.

In my opinion there are many many things required after fertilization, before the blob of cells can be considered a human.
Prometheus diz: Abr 26, 2008. 4:39 AM
My overall opinion, and not disputing your point because you make sense, unlike the liberal religious-right who are clearly offended by truth unlike their own here.

I thought science was blasphemy against God, what are religious nutjobs doing here if they are not unfaithful sinners against the word of God that they believe to be the absolute truth? Perhaps religious zealousy, a sin against the speculation of man, that the "absolute faith" of the faithful failed to cover because they did not have a book to give them a set of guidelines on how to live in tolerance....or a higher power to seek guidance from.....oh wait....Some call that a bible.....Too bad evangelists haven't found a real one yet. I guess intolerance of different ideas is why christians massacred palestinians simply for not converting to christianity. The violation of two key commandments was exempt during this time of course...."love thy neighbor" and "thou shalt not kill" had subtext not clarified on the old or new testament, but don't expect any bible-thumper to justify that in the actual text of their book itself. This is the best way to shut their self-importance up and make them walk away when they try to convert you.

Now I know how "Scientology" was formed. It's the modern-day formation of christianity re-evolved with new words and a revised story based on yet another book of philosophical fiction. The worst part is that the Bible (new or old testament) has morals we should all live by, but it is in no way an actual account of the past, which current bible-thumpers refuse to believe otherwise. It is simply "the greatest story ever told". Too bad those who assume it as fact cannot even grasp the basic morals of the story, or even follow the ethics it intended to teach.

The pro-life movement believes that life begins at conception, failing to understand that a live ovum is required to be fertilized to eventually create something resembling a fetus. Or as their current presidential spokesperson believes, "Life begins at contraception". This is an example of their gross misunderstanding of the process.

An ovum is the beginning of life, for any mammal, including ourselves. Fertilization only continues that, and God has nothing to do with it, no matter what you believe in. Noone can prove that they were conscious in the womb, much less past a year after being born, however I believe that birth is too late for an abortion, as do many who believe in women's equality and those with a general sense of reality.

Yes, only two cells are far from a sentient life, but these are the same people who massacre billions of bacteria daily with their Dow Chemical products "to protect their family". The hypocrisy in their beliefs is nearly intolerable to me. If I was born at the wrong time, I would never have been who I am today, a fully fulfilled person of education and general intelligence as I am now. I could never have achieved my potential if my parents were brainwashed into being pro-life.

Pro-life is conservatism at it's core. Conservatives (aka conservationists, before they forgot how to spell it) have no ability to adapt nor handle change in any aspect of life in america. Conservatism is stuck in the '50's with no relevance to the here and now. The republican candidate has no viable answer for the Iraq war other than to say, "The goal is to reduce/eliminate american casualties..."

In case I didn't do my math right, isn't pulling out of Iraq the best way to reduce american casualties? Perhaps I don't quite understand republican math yet....I'm still working on imperical evidence of the here and now.....maybe I didn't do my math right when I suggested 1+1=2...maybe I forgot to carry the republican 10's digit, where 1+1=295.

This is the same for pro-lifers. There is no room for circumstance, there is no debate for an individual's rights.....It is simply "do as we say and not as we do" with them. Not one pro-Lifer has any argument to support the rights of an individual other than to claim the rights of an individual not yet an individual. They read and misinterpret from a book rewritten by a idiopathic and sociopathic war criminal and consider it to be the word of god, even though they have no clue as to how to interpret it properly. I need little justification to feel hostile toward this as a brainwashing technique for the purpose of gaining profit, as a God, as holy as he is, should have no need for money in any form.

Excuse me if I agree with some here grounded in reality and disagree by some simply following a cult-leadership that they call a minister, or worse, a god. I have a disease which makes me hostile toward the weak-minded cattle-mentality, especially when they are humans with the mental capacity of cattle or sheep. I only relate well with those that can manage opposable thumbs.

I sincerely apologise for those not capable of seeing the world around them, and I pray that they can eventually open their eyes to the manipulation they follow, so that they may eventually learn the true way of the God they supposedly believe in:

"Respect your fellow man/woman as an equal without judgement, as it is not a mortal's place to judge the morality of another man on any basis, perceived or otherwise. Only God may judge man, and those who pass judgement on another man shall be judged themselves by God with greater scrutiny."

Evangelistic zealots, are you listening? This is the lesson of your God, or have you not been paying attention?
Prometheus diz: Abr 26, 2008. 5:20 AM
Read and learn, no reply will be acknowledged, just as is the spirit of the christian belief as derived from the King James Version of the bible, "Dissenters shall be publicly decapitated". Too bad Christians hate Jews, because at least Jews have the original copy. No Adolf Hitler for Roman Catholics in today's times...all they have is Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson or even Franklin Graham to spread their hate-speech.....what has the world come to? Maybe some form of realism that has been largely denied for over 300 years? Maybe not yet. and they haven't come up with anything creative lately, so God is ignoring us....perhaps because we have done evil, or they are not actually the voices of God as they have led us to believe. Maybe perhaps because right-wing media has been so wholly wrong in everything that God has become offended at Bill O'Reilly and his influence over his sheep and other blind and mindless followers? Or perhaps the fraction of the american polulation raised on lead-based paint chips and still count for the 19% who still think Bush is the greatest president that ever lived. Again, excuse my disorder for being hostile to the immeasurably-retarded. It';s something about negative IQ scores that just gets to me, especially when they get into a negative number exceeding 20 billion.....equivalent to 10 megabushes (it takes at least 5,000 times the stupidity of Bush to vote him into presidency). It gets to me as much as an equal matter....racism and sexism... I speak no more. The intelligent will read and speculate, the conservative will ignore and defend their weak state of mind. I expect to not tolerate the involvement of a pro-lifer-sexist-"christian"-zealot any further. Simply stating "pro-life" is like declaring "white-power". Pro-lifers don your white sexist intolerance dunce-hats now, I need to know who is a threat to the children of the neighborhood, so that I can keep them within the restrains of a normal life where they can make their own decisions like a real democracy.....something alien to evangelistic types. Again enough said here....Sometimes the truth hurts and is unacceptable to those unwilling. But some, like me, have been there to see the truth and know that it's all a scam for money. I only hope you eventually see it yourself, if you have not been blinded already. God is in you, not some fast-talking chairman of your local fund raising campaign to line his pockets. Don't believe me? assess the architecture of your church. assess the value of the minister's car and/or home.....
Prometheus diz: Abr 26, 2008. 5:24 AM
Actually, I digress...It's not that these people are that stupid, I shoudl expect that of's that this person is expected to lead a state, or worse a country, and they cannot even get past high school!
greenmanj23 diz: Mai 27, 2009. 5:48 PM
And I am assuming when you say you're hostile towards *cattle* you mean anyone who disagrees with you.
Prometheus diz: Mai 28, 2009. 3:14 AM
No, I mean weak-minded people who think that just because bible-thumpers think it's right that it is. Wearing "Jesus" as a badge is religious-elitism, of which I refuse to acknowledge any validity. "Cattle" are people who are easily led with a song, and do not take the time to verify or analyze a precept presented to them as an alleged fact. I was a Mormon, Lutheran, and Christian, and because of those experiences, I know how socially-damaging those cults are. I'm not against religion so much as I am against how it is interpreted nowadays. Christianity used to be about good-faith and goodwill towards others, now it only generates hate-speech to those who do not exactly-subscribe to their practices, and is used as a shield to allege righteousness and honesty, when most who do so lie and cheat more than the average atheist, and far more than those who follow "all those wrong religions" (wrong because they are not christian?) Hypocrisy is rampant in christian and catholic religions, but they are supposedly the only right ones? Who's calling foul because of ideology after all? Against gay marriage but molesting little boys? That's going so far into "foot-in-mouth" that you are up to the knee. This is your one and final lesson to check your value-system and your "reality-tunnel" before you judge others, lest you be judged.
greenmanj23 diz: Jun 12, 2009. 9:14 PM
What makes you think I'm "Judgeing" you? Can't I make an informed decision about your ethics from what you say on here? And please, if you want to make an Informed decision on my ethics, than do. I'm not angry, nor do I hate you.

To assume that Christians blindly follow some hypocritic man in robes is rude. I listen to all sides, all ideas, and I've chosen to follow the Holy Bible. People do stupid stuff, Christians do stupid stuff, I do stupid stuff. I'm human, am I supposed to be perfect? No, but I try to be perfect. I acknowledge that I do things that are wrong, and that I need to change.

Christianity has always been about faith. Not about being nice to everyone. Being "good" is not gonna get you to heaven. If that was so, than we are all going to hell. I'm good, and kind because I want to. Not because I have to. I follow no man, I follow God. I am not a stupid animal, and it's rude to assume anyone is. I look at the world with an open mind. Do you?
Wesley1 diz: Ago 22, 2009. 2:26 AM
HEY you your self are stuck in the 1800s. 200 years later we christians do not kill b/c you will not convert!
sekiraO_O diz: Out 12, 2009. 3:05 AM
It is a misnomer for you to say you were a Christian. If you are one, you can't stop being one. You only thought you were one. If you could see the merrits of Christianity then why would you abandon Christianity as a whole just because of the mistakes of others? Why didn't you simply become an example of what you thought a Christian aught to be?
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on your "molesting little boys" remark and assume that you are a reasonably intellegent human being and ask you a question: If your ideals are so big and significant that they can make the God that millions believe in disgusting then couldn't your ideals be God?

As a Messianic Monotheist, I say bravo for responsable reproduction in all it's forms.
sekiraO_O diz: Out 12, 2009. 3:17 AM
Again, it seems ironic to me as a believer that the Atheists are the keenist to criticise Christianity and sometimes they even hit the nail on the head when they aren't accusing people of being racist or just saying "There is no God" over and over again.

I will say that there are verses in the Bible that seem to be accepting of abortion e.g. "If a man injures a pregnant woman and she has a miscarriage he is to recompense her for her injuries, but not her miscarriage."
Androidk diz: Mar 21, 2012. 3:04 AM
Ok so im guessing you're athiest/sub-christian/or sub-jew, and thats fine with me, but if you don't have a god, things can get really rough in life. For example, if you have a horrible accident and you idk lose your eye or something, you have a big guy in the sky you can blame it on, this removes some of the stress in a horrible time. Makes sense don't it? In the words of yoda or maybe obiwan
"The force is something that all life forms draw power and faith from, and in return, they are given that which they ask." So you don't per-say have to worship the bible god, or even WORSHIP any god, just believe in somthing you like. Like me, I have 2 gods Big god, and Zenu. It's fun to make up a whole new religion and call it your own! {:)
Androidk diz: Mar 21, 2012. 3:07 AM
I used to be a weak-minded cattle, but then I took an arrow to the knee! Im sorry I just HAD to.
greenmanj23 diz: Mai 27, 2009. 6:04 PM
You say to be resposible you need to kill a child if you can't take care of it. So, to be responsible we should kill those who have transferable or life threatening diseases. Spare them from the pain, and spare ourselves from the pain. If we figure someone is going to die soon than we should exterminate them so they don't have to suffer any longer. And babys born with mutations should be tossed into a cave - the Greeks did that. If we don't know when consciousness starts, than we should asume it starts at the begining. Not whenever we please. SEX is not something you do for fun! Just because it feels good dosn't mean we should do it with every warm, wet, thing that walks bye. We do it to procreate.
Wesley1 diz: Ago 22, 2009. 2:18 AM
SEX was designed FOR pleasure QUOITE BIBLE NIV Genesis chapter 1 verse 28 God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground."
sekiraO_O diz: Out 12, 2009. 3:10 AM
So what do you say to women who are pro-lifers, who have kept their child, and who have no regrets? And what "raving, serial-murdering lunatic" are you talking about?
Androidk diz: Mar 21, 2012. 2:50 AM
WOW! You just described all my beliefs in 9 paragraphs! Are you some kind of masiyah?
Prometheus diz: Abr 26, 2008. 3:16 AM
Not impossible to pee while fully erect, just "more limited" The only time it is impossible for a male to urinate is during orgasm, and at no other time. An erection can make urination difficult, but any male can do so "At full mast" when not confined to having to direct it, such as downward to a toilet. In the wild, a male's bladder is blocked during coitus, but in little way during an erectile state. It's not as easy, but not impossible. Urinating in such a state can actually help kill the erection in many cases, due to stimulus to the prostate and cross-stimulus to the keigel muscles. Urination can effectively counter a coital impulse in more than half of observed cases. Can you get wood when you have to pee? more often, not...afterwards is a different story, once that stressor has been removed....
taraist diz: Out 19, 2008. 3:08 AM
It's not contraception if it occurs after pregnancy. I guess you are referring to the morning after pill? It doesn't end an existing pregnancy, just prevents conception if it hasn't already happened. I'm also confused by your disagreement. Do you mean that you dislike it?
Lftndbt diz: Out 26, 2008. 6:02 AM
Your obviously female? Every man can pee while fully erect. Only very few would not be able to. No it does not hurt, even in the slightest.
bug+on+fire diz: Fev 19, 2009. 10:24 PM
well it dose a bit for me well not like reall pain but a kind of pain that makes you feel uncomfortable
greenmanj23 diz: Mai 27, 2009. 5:24 PM
I can't pee with an erection. No matter how hard I try, when I'm fully erect no urine will come out. I just have to hold it till the hard-on subsides.
23yearoldsexoligist diz: Mar 1, 2010. 11:02 PM
instead of trying to push the pee out, relax and gently massage or rub your thighs closer to your penis and it will relax the musles and even make the penis dis-erect while peeing
bug+on+fire diz: Fev 19, 2009. 10:22 PM
LOL you can actually pee with a erected penis it's just a bit painful and it comes out like a jet ( the jet you have on a hose if you don't have a the cap thing on it runs slower and not that much pressure but if u put a smaller end on it more pressure will be made and then it will come out faster and trying to expand the walls around it) so yeah if u got a erection and pee then it will come out like a jet and will hurt a bit from the pressure. Also off topic can somebody stop peeing after they started so like in the middle of the proses
23yearoldsexoligist diz: Mar 1, 2010. 10:59 PM

thats not entirely true, yes it comes out faster and like a jet. but it doesnt always hurt, drinking more water will soften your pee and it will feel painless and the less painful it is the more likley it is for the penis to dis-erect

afcbasser diz: Abr 2, 2008. 9:14 PM
Actually, its only impossible (or nearly so) when we have to try to aim an erection down (i.e. into a toilet). first off, it wont bend down hardly at all, and second, what little angle or bend can be achieved effectivly "kinks the hose". However, an erect man can pee just fine if he is in a location where the erection can be left pointing upwards (i.e., outside behind a bush {normal;im sure every guy's had to pee while dealing with an erection},or as was suggested, mid-coitus{just plain wierd.} Basically, the only times a man is unable to urinate are 1.during an orgasm, 2.when another guy's standing too close in the restroom. You're right though, i'm sure the morning after pill's alot more effective than a man peeing inside a girl....the things people come up with...
solo.card diz: Mar 25, 2008. 6:16 PM
Nah, It doesn't affect pregnancy, but peeing afterwards reduces the likelyhood of UTIs.
Prometheus diz: Abr 4, 2008. 11:55 PM
"Urinary Tract Infections" for those wondering what a UTI is. Unlike the male, the ureter for a female is terribly short. This makes the path to the bladder a short an easy journey. This is also why women are so much more prone the them than men.
Prometheus diz: Abr 4, 2008. 11:59 PM
grr, dangit...not the ureter...Urethra....sheesh....
pmartinez diz: Mar 26, 2008. 2:49 PM
Sorry to say that's incorrect. The semen, once deposited into the vagina will travel through it to reach the salpinges (fallopian tube(s), in the attempt to reach the "egg" and fertilize it on its way down, the X and Y cromosomes (or spermatozoids) durability can vary from 24 to 48 hours in some occasions just a little longer. Although, some men think that the woman urinates through the vagina that is incorrect, the woman urinates through the urethra which is located just below the clitoris, therefore; urinating after sex is as useless as wearing the condom after you are done. Also there is no evidence that urine kills bacteria, as a matter of fact urine's acidity can actually be a good bacterial growth medium.
redneckjaybyrd diz: Out 28, 2009. 2:23 AM
Yeah, if you are a guy though, you should do the 3 w's, wrap, wash, then wizz.  This helps prevent std's and UTI in guys.
Prometheus diz: Abr 5, 2008. 2:37 AM
Actually, while urine is an unfavorable environment to sperm, and it is hard to realistically call urine "nasty", it is not an effective spermicide. Furthermore, this may actually push semen up toward the cervix much faster, and can cause vaginal infections due to it's ability to kill some bacteria but have no effect on others. A vagina, believe it or not, has a micro-ecosystem of it's own of competing organisms. In balance, these organisms/bacteria actually maintain a level of proper acidity of the vagina, that fend off outside infections of rogue bacteria, much like your mouth does. Just as washing your face too hard can actually cause acne to accelerate (due to a bacterial imbalance), or a bacterial imbalance in your intestines can cause gastro-intestinal problems, an imbalance in the vagina's bacterial level can cause yeast infections or worse. Urinating in the vagina is wholly unaccepted, especially as an attempt to thwart conception, on all angles. A proper pH-balanced vagina (sheesh, now I sound like I'm doing a shampoo commercial) is a healthy one that will resist infection simply for it's native environment; being inhospitable for most bacteria that would find a mucous membrane an ideal invasion-point. Where a condom is found to have failed (rare as it is, it can happen), it should be treated as, and the result expected as, no condom at all in the first place. Perform regular prengancy tests for no less than 30 days after the act, or until menstruation is observed over 10 days after the suspected conception. If this does not fit her normal cycle, she might be pregnant already, so be vigilant about testing, and discuss what to do while anticipating a positive result. Do not subscribe to the fear-mongering of the pro-life movement. If you are not ready for a child, the most humane thing you can do is to terminate the pregnancy as early as possible. A planned pregnancy can enrich two lives, an unplanned one can ruin three.
taraist diz: Out 19, 2008. 3:02 AM
Or take Plan B. Actually, AND take Plan B. It prevents you from getting pregnant so you don't have go through all of that.
unspecified diz: Mar 25, 2008. 9:05 AM
uh-oh - the fascists are here. Kudos on another well-done writeup. I would much rather see kids experimenting with rubbers than experimenting with babies. Again - if I could vote, I would +1 this.
blueblur diz: Mar 25, 2008. 8:43 AM
Uh... The POINT is that people will put this knowledge to use... Personally, I'm GLAD someone posted something like this.
old_bass_masta diz: Mar 24, 2008. 8:54 PM
please add to the removing section, when you remove a condom, remove it far away from the vaginal/anal area, as some seman could drip out of it and actually cause fertilization or infection, also, if you spit into the top it is said that the guy will get extra stimulation. and "I could walk down the street and buy a french tickler if i so choose!"-Monty Python's Meaning of Life
Very+Keri diz: Mar 24, 2008. 8:24 PM
Thank you, and thank you. I've made it 23 years without getting pregnant or contracting some icky disease and I'd like to think that I helped prevent such a fate for a few of my friends in high school because someone was kind enough to sit me down and talk about these things when I was much younger. I really did have a friend that thought "pulling out" was an effective means of birth control, and I had another that used condoms, except during a certain part of her cycle, "because you can't get pregnant right after your period" Of course, we had already learned about all this junk when we were in middle school too, but you'd be surprised what some people forget or just don't pay attention to. It's even more frightening that by the time we do get formally educated on this matter in school, some kids are already sexually active, so it's never too early to discuss this with your young boys AND girls. Some parents out there still have the wrong information too, so make sure you check and double check your facts with a qualified professional. ...and I don't know how I feel about homemade condoms, lol!
drummonkey92 diz: Mar 25, 2008. 11:44 AM
good point about people being sexualy active before given information, especialy seeing as how young people are maturing so much faster nowadays. we had sex ed a couple of years ago wen i was 13/14 and by that time some girls already had reputations for sleeping around.
AT diz: Mar 24, 2008. 7:43 PM
Given the subject, that was well done. It should be noted that when you are holding the tip and rolling it on, you should pinch the reservoir tip so that it does not have an air bubble in it. This leaves room for it to be filled.
lukus001 diz: Mar 27, 2008. 2:56 PM
Just too add to that, they will pop quite easily with a little bit of air in the tip. Make sure there is no air bubbles, if there is take it off, throw it away and put a new one on.
Prometheus diz: Abr 5, 2008. 5:19 AM
I disagree with your sense of how fragile they are....A common latex condom will stretch large enough to easily fit over your head. All you have to be sure of is that you pinch-off enough of it to make room for your "troops", so it doesn't slip off. Better to pinch-off a little generously, but don't get silly.
lukus001 diz: Abr 5, 2008. 1:32 PM
And I have to disagree, since it has actually happened to me and i clearly heard it pop and the tip came completely off! So never again would I leave a notable air bubble. I'm not saying it has to be vacuum sealed, though. Also, stretching the whole condom is one thing, an air bubble in the tip being squashed between two objects is another. Think of bubble wrap, you can stretch the bubbles quite a bit, but if you squeeze them, they pop pretty much instantly. Now, if we just base it on the fact the condom rip all the time, being able to stretch them has little significance in the argument wouldn't you agree? They break durring sex, regardless of how much one can stretch them. The same goes with air bubbles I'm afraid.
Prometheus diz: Abr 26, 2008. 3:05 AM
Actually, as a vice of manufacture, the "reservoir-tip" is thicker than the rest of the condom itself. It is more likely that you would pop the condom at it's "phallus area" than at the tip. The purpose of pinching it off is to prevent the ingress of seminal "contributions" being pushed past the "phallus envelope". If you experienced this, you may have been the one in 10 million to experience a condom failure. How you heard it pop within her vagina is beyond me though...I just can't imagine a concussion of significance being heard from within the depths of a vagina or anus, the likes of which a condom wo0ulld fail, or even humanly possible to fail. Unless her cervix has teeth, I'm struggling to believe this. Condoms can fail, I've been there before too many times, but for the most part they are reliable, even if made only for "her pleasure" with no regard to "his pleasure" (actually impossible really with condoms). Your point is noted however, even if I question your "audible evidence".
lukus001 diz: Abr 28, 2008. 5:29 PM
Prometheus, I never said i heard it 'pop' inside... lol. I'd have to agree that would be near impossible.. It poped on 'penitration', fortunatly for me :D.

Maybe i should have lube'd her up first. Who knows. Eitherway, it poped and it poped pretty easy :'(. Maybe my condom had a thin spot, and the bubble took advantage of that, however, no bubble = one less risk to worry :D.

Prometheus diz: Abr 30, 2008. 12:03 AM
Your comment noted... Yes, "lubing her up first" (or even yourself, really) would be advised, even with so-called "prelubricated condoms", as it may also have been possible that "binding" may have possibly torn it too. Just don't let any lube get past the condom's threshold or it could slip off during the act, which would ruin the mood rather easily, lol.
Valche diz: Mai 4, 2008. 5:25 PM
Haha, you two are intense.
KBHELLSPAWN diz: Jun 10, 2008. 11:34 AM
I know, right, they're arguing about condoms, LOL!!
joejoerowley diz: Mar 24, 2008. 5:45 PM
Sadly I don't think the majority of the users on this site will this find this instructable necessary(nerds). Jk,- Nice instructable.
carl87gt diz: Mar 24, 2008. 4:42 PM
Great job on this instructable. You took on a sensitive subject with a lot of class.
ve2vfd diz: Mar 24, 2008. 4:30 PM
Good instructable. This reminds me of a little story... A few years ago, a friend of the family who is a single mother noticed that her little boy was turning into a young man and asked me to go thru the "birds and bees" and personnal protection with him (yes boys, moms do notice soiled pajamas, boxes of tissues moving into to the bedroom and crusty socks). When we discussed personnal protection, I explained how to put a condom on and then gave him a condom and a cucumber to practice. He tried to unroll the rubber with only one hand, and low and behold as he puts a little tension on it to unroll, it flies right off the cucumber like an elastic. After much laughter, he said he was glad he made that mistake then and not in front of a girl "That would have been really embarassing!" The moral of the story... it's best to learn and practice using protection before you actually need it for the first time.
old_bass_masta diz: Mar 25, 2008. 5:15 AM
lemme also say thank you from all the teenage boys who had to find out from someone else. thanks for doing that pat.
leebryuk diz: Mar 24, 2008. 4:22 PM
So far, no flames. Excellent. I was in a Walgreens and picked up a package and a steel scrubber ball (like for a wok cleaning). The pharmacist made the comment that the combination would make for an interesting evening. We both got a good laugh out of it. But I've never had anyone giving me a problem buying condoms. One thing that I do recommend is that she use some sort of birth control on her side as well. There are preventive foams and thin dissolving sheets of polymer that have oodles of spermicide in them. The combination does make it a better way to go.
killerjackalope diz: Mar 24, 2008. 4:42 PM
A couple of my ex's etc. have that implant thing, which is highly effective on it's own and more so (obviously) when used with a condom, I know it's in the UK but not if it's in other countries?
killerjackalope diz: Mar 24, 2008. 4:44 PM
Oh I forgot to add it has become wildly popular, and in my mind that's because it's a free and safe way for mothers to 'lock up' their daughters without imposing rules upon them.
leebryuk diz: Mar 24, 2008. 5:16 PM
You're thinking of an IUD ( Intra Uterine Device.) A IUD is implanted through the cervix into the uterus. It prevents pregnancy in several ways. What I'm talking about is a one time application. It's like a foam or gel. It's straight forward and simple. You can buy it at your local drug store. In spite of America's backwards image, we do have IUD's etc. It is an unfortunate and very vocal minority that guides our policy at the moment. Irrespective of the candidate elected, it will change.
westfw diz: Mar 24, 2008. 9:23 PM
Probably he's talking about Norplant or similar, a sort of sub-cutaneous time-release Pill (works hormonally, like The Pill.)
killerjackalope diz: Mar 25, 2008. 1:45 PM
As westfw pointed out I was talking about the subcutaneous pills, no invasive surgery or anything like that, no scar but you can feel them under the skin if you find it it's not big just like a little lump under the skin generally under your arm about halfway between the armpit and the elbow, by the way my biology teacher was a big fan of these as a safe an sensible contraceptive measure...
DeLorean4905 diz: Mar 24, 2008. 11:56 PM
"I hope she's still wearin her iron underwear!"
killerjackalope diz: Mar 25, 2008. 1:42 PM
No I'm a locksmith...
Psyha diz: Mar 24, 2008. 5:30 PM
Of course you're right, the lady should be on the pill or similar. Condoms are 98% effective if used properly, and the pill boosts that up to 99.99%. Pretty good odds, I'd say. Female condoms are a great idea as well (But not at the same time as a condom! They tend to erode each other.), as well as a dental dam if cunnilingus is in order.
leebryuk diz: Mar 24, 2008. 8:22 PM
Here are the items I am mentioning

For America

They are found in a better part of the world, and are comprable in price per application as is a quality condom. I should mention that all condoms go through a safety inspection that all must pass. So that generic condom is as least as good as the Durex or Lifestyles from the pharmacist.
DeLorean4905 diz: Mar 24, 2008. 11:55 PM
i dunno... that's just one thing that I honestly dont mind spending the extra buck or so for.
leebryuk diz: Mar 25, 2008. 12:31 AM
I generally agree, but if you don't have the cash it's better than not playing at all. And many planned parenthood clinics use to give away less common brands. The ones in my area have shifted to trojan, etc. And many generic items are made at the same factory, by the same people, who make the name brand of anything. It's a way of protecting the market share of the product (Trojan) while not exceeding market demand for the branded item. In other words, you can keep your perceived superior products scarce while still making money by keeping your factories at capacity.
Psyha diz: Mar 25, 2008. 1:39 PM
The planned parenthood here gives away mint chocolate flavor. Yum.
jaysbob diz: Mar 24, 2008. 2:56 PM
nicely done 'ible and great job keeping it classy ;)
killerjackalope diz: Mar 24, 2008. 2:30 PM
Oh this makes my day, the choice of demonstrator was slightly odd, a cucumber is considered the socially acceptable condom model...
schorhr diz: Mar 24, 2008. 2:10 PM
Unusual but very importaint subject. Well done. Especialy details such as deseases, allergies and all. I just hope this comment section is not doomed to be spammed by unmature comments (even though those who will probably read it to avoid future emberassment when it might be neccesary....)
Psyha diz: Mar 24, 2008. 1:50 PM
Very useful, especially to teens. It's amazing how many young people don't know how to do this and try anyway.
killerjackalope diz: Mar 24, 2008. 2:33 PM
It's amazing the number that neither think of looking at the packet for help and even after failing to do this manage to make such a horlix of it... I have two younger brothers one of which said I was the idiot, and he explained that you should unroll it before putting it on, I laughed at him for days on end, then decided the funniest thing I could do was tell mother, she explained with the help of mr cucumber...
Psyha diz: Mar 24, 2008. 5:23 PM
I heard a story of two kids in my school who SHARED a condom. The first guy used it, and gave the used one to his brother. The brother turned it INSIDE OUT, and got his girlfriend pregnant with his brother's sperm. Way to go, guy. But yeah, people are very stupid, perhaps this Instructable will save people from stupid mistakes like that.
killerjackalope diz: Mar 24, 2008. 5:49 PM
It's quite a common legend but I'm sure something like that's happened...

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