Step 5: Apply the Condom

Once the top of the condom has been identified, place the condom onto the head of the penis (remember - rolls should be facing out and up). Hold the tip of the condom, (the sperm receptacle) with one hand and unroll the condom down the shaft of the penis (or penis like object).

Keep unrolling the condom as far as possible, recognizing that the condom may not unroll completely before you get to the base of the penis (or penis like object).

If the condom is feeling comfortable at this point, then you are ready to use it safely.

Ideally the condom should fit snugly on the penis and have a little extra room at the tip for the semen to collect in during ejaculation.

Some problems that arise during application of condoms can range from users putting condoms on inside out, the penis not staying errect during application, using too large of a condom, using too small of a condom and probably many other untold things that have happened to condom users over the years. Whatever troubles you may be having, rest assured that you most likely not alone, and that with some further practice, you'll be able to use a condom in no time.
Its way much better to apply some lube in the penis before the condom. the condom WONT came out, the lube allow the condom to place better in the penis. It will increase the pleasure on men and of you want, you can use some HOT Lube (Water base) for better pleasure.

For non circumsice men, please REED or GOOGLE before saying condoms are just for circumsice men. just have to add some others steps. here ask the same... http://goaskalice.columbia.edu/putting-condom-penis-foreskin
spooky20125 years ago
Another potential problem is if the guy isn't circumcised, since condoms were designed for men who are. You might want to look into solutions for that, since it isn't something that can be resolved with practice.