How to Quickly Make a Pompom Rug





Introduction: How to Quickly Make a Pompom Rug

We have spools of yarn leftover from a yarn art I made last year and they're just sitting in the stockroom so I decided to make a pompom rug for our little girls' playroom.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Spools of yarn

Plastic rug grid


wooden frame

Step 2: Wrap the Yarn Around the Wooden Frame.

Tie the yarns tightly with about 2 inches of space in between.

Step 3: Cut the Yarn in Between.

Adjust the yarn to make a more rounded shape pompom.

Step 4: Tie the Pompoms on the Rug.

You can randomly mix all the colors or arrange them to your liking.

Step 5: Let the Little Feet Enjoy the Colorful Rug. =)

Take a picture and enjoy =)



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What are the dimensions of the wooden frame? I am so going to try this way of making pom poms!!

This is one of those slap myself in the forehead moments!! Why did I never think of this before?? Thanks for sharing!

I love how you made bulk pompoms so quickly! Nicely done! I love it. :)

Where do you get the "plastic rug grid"? I'd love to do this project with my kids! Thanks! jennifer weeklyhoot @

Hi Jennifer, you can get this plastic rug grid from fabric stores or craft stores like Michael's. =)

i wasn't expecting such a mass production technic for the pompoms! i'll remember... :)

My daughter loves this idea. I always thought they must be difficult. Thanks for showing me it's this easy!

Looks great. Way better than anything that you could buy from a store and it is one of a kind.

Thank you. I found it to be too colorful but our little girls love it. =)