In this tutorial we are going to teach you how to ranger roll a t-shirt!

Step 1: Lay T-Shirt on Flat Surface, Front Side Up

Step 2: Fold Bottom of Shirt Upward to Create a 3'' Cuff

Step 3: Fold Shirt Horizontally in Half to Check Back of Cuff, Then Undo Fold

Step 4: Fold Left Side Over Shirt 1/3 of the Way

Step 5: Fold Left Sleeve Over Itself

Step 6: Fold Right Side of Shirt Over Left Fold

Step 7: Bring Right Sleeve Over Itself

Step 8: Rotate Shirt 180°

Step 9: Tightly Roll Shirt Until Over Cuff

Step 10: Fold Cuff Inside-Out Over Shirt

Step 11: Done! Video of Full Process Below

<p>Does it stretch the shirts?</p>
<p>awesome. I love it. </p>
<p>This is awesome. <br><br>Personally I prefer this over a skivvy roll (Shirt, undies and socks) Because I usually wear a shirt for a week at a time but change undies and socks daily, so this way I can pair up boxers and socks and have shirts rolled separately. <br><br>Nice instructable man. </p>
<p>Great Instructable! I love the way you explained everything so succinctly and the pictures are perfect! </p>
<p>Short, sweet and easy!</p>
<p>Thank you! This will make my overcrowded dresser a lot more usable. It should make picking clothes for the day much easier, and packing will be a breeze. I suspect that one gets very fast rolling these after a while, but it should be fairly quick even during the learning stage. Once again, many thanks!</p>
<p>Nice instructable! </p>
This is awesome. I would like to add this packing tip to my YouTube channel and my Facebook. I would also like to include a thanks to you. Do you have a preference on how I reference you? I would be happy to share the link to the video and post once done. Thanks.
<p>Just saying &quot;dohoss from instructables&quot; would be enough for me! Id love to see it once youre finished!</p>
<p>I published my YouTube video today that included the Ranger Roll tip. You can check it out here: </p><p></p><p><a href="https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2F7o7xNYLnzBc&h=ATPCIqaNHzMQ5r-xBdZsoyJJG59Rgs95drUzRhSsSPJtQfWVLlAOmMwB5cIq7yJNhZ3DmB_pPOuKRf8A-nES2c7eDkgL60ilCippyjRJo9CcbaTNtzr_NU_xGB_kRsBLT6UKu1hBtQ0NmPA4gza-Aqrq42TXbuqY9Tg&enc=AZOf0sxoD6PKSjJI0aa36PcXh2wFUU0jpWWSOCVAl2C2CH895FCrRjFW7KagczrbB9YMcj-FydxZCo9r67mR5su2cHrJOJ2VV0V7my_0RMZrQ7wwlbaDbJ900ZvQyXNNPoSZUTThBhL46RDK6n2lAZCM75UKOm70r77itEo4qrVngeHmmYZdMqFaPwb5KbtjSr1gOVugzBske6w_qz2Gzm36&s=1" rel="nofollow">https://youtu.be/7o7xNYLnzBc<br></a></p><p>I tried to create a picture tutorial (which is not anywhere near as good as yours) for my Facebook page too.</p><p>Thanks again for your infomative lesson.<br></p><p></p>
i can become power rangers now!
<p>Ahhh... Not quite...</p>
<p>Cool. Does this make us RANGERS now?</p>
<p>only if you use the army olive drab t-shirt! ;)</p>
<p>Oh, wow! Thank you! This is even better than my dad's Navy method (ca 1959 or thereabouts). Will come in handy- gonna teach my kids how to do this, for an upcoming trip. :)</p>
<p>i would have voted if this had been in a contest. </p><p>nice! </p>
<p>More, or less wrinkly when undone, than traditional folding? </p>
<p>Nice! I may start folding my shirts this way. I wonder if I can fit more in my drawers this way and keep my t shirts neater.</p>
<p>I was able to find a way to do it with a long sleeve shirt too!!!</p>
<p>Very nice! What would you do for a long sleeved shirt?</p>
<p>Start by folding the sleeve back the same way (180 degrees), then fold it again down the length of the shirt (90 degrees). If you do it right the two sleeves lie parallel to each other. Hint: do this just before rolling the shirt.</p><p>Another hint about the whole instructable: just do it with the top of the shirt toward you, and the cuff end away. Then you don't have to turn the half-folded shirt around to roll it.</p>
Thank you! This is great.
<p>Just tried this with the shirt I had on! Worked great, and I can see it being useful for camping or backpacking where space is a premium (or working with tight areas to pack in). Plus, to unroll, just grab the edge of the cuff and &quot;fling&quot; the shirt and it pops back open, ready to put on in seconds!</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Thanks, very useful!</p>
<p>Totally awesome !!! I thought at first it was just too much fuss. But guess what, a lovely product !!! And, you're running a tight ship ... Kudos !!! I think it makes all the difference in the world. Thank you, sir !!! ~ Tom in California.</p>
<p>NEAT! </p><p>REALLY! Very neat!~Suzanne </p>
<p>Nice! This'll empty up half of my wardrobe </p>
<p>BEST. INSTRUCTABLE. EVER.</p><p>Nothing to purchase, no moving parts, and you can use it right away!<br></p>
Looks like just the thing for traveling light. More room for other things.
<p>Aw yeah. Gonna make some room in my closet tonight &amp; roll those T-shirts up &amp; back into the dresser drawers, where they belong. Great instructable.</p>
Love it :-) Extremely good and helpful tutorial. Really well explained...
<p>good for overseas travel</p>
very cool. Will include this in my next Scout session for packing personal camp kit.
<p>Sweet Christmas!</p>
<p>very nice.</p>
<p>love it. Will try it on my boys shirts. Can't wait to get their reaction.</p>
<p>This is really useful for packing efficiently in a suitcase.</p>

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