Picture of How to Re-Seal the Bead on a Flat Tire The Fun Way!
So here's the situation, your driving down the road in the middle of nowhere, and somehow the tire falls off the bead. All you have is your lighter and a can of starting fluid. Here is how to fix it.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
All you need is:

Starting fluid
A lighter
common sense

Step 2: Spray and Light

Just spray the starting fluid into the open bead on the tire, then light the fluid. A safe way is to spray a trail down the side of the tire, and light. The fun way is to use the can of fluid as a flame thrower like the vid. The explosion will set the bead instantly, just quickly fill with air after. Sometimes you need to step on the top of the tire to get it to blow. sorry couldn't find my pic, so here are some videos. (some cursing in the vids).

I worked on the Alaska oil pipe line and I met  a guy who repaired the BIG AND I  MEAN REALLY BIG TIRES USED ON LARGE EARTH MOVING EQUIPMENT  He  said they used this method on them. He also said that they would use large sheet metal screws to make temporary repairs  on damages that were made by rock cuts in the tire.  He'd just screw a large screw  (1/4 in or larger diameter) into it and then add air. Eventually they would have a large amt. of screws in it or had too large of a hole to fix with the screws, and then they'd take the tire off the rig put on another and go back to the shop (possibly 100 or degree's or more  warmer than outside temps)  then break down the tire and fix all of the holes where the screws were...........................  Truth is stranger than fiction........ 
Ive heard of this before and it is pretty shocking.
Arbitror5 years ago
Flame travels into canister, canister explodes. You hand is now hanging by bits of tendon and bone.
I don't think I'll take that risk!
Thelonelysandwitch (author)  Arbitror5 years ago
its actually alot safer then you think, and an exploding can of starting fluid would make massive burns instead of a shock great enough to blow ur hand off.
trailleadr5 years ago
dangerous, but effective.
Thelonelysandwitch (author)  trailleadr5 years ago
and fun
Wow! That was awesome!
try it in real life, man is it fun.