Picture of How to Re-upholster Chairs Using a Staple Gun
This is a quick and easy how-to if you are interested in re-covering chairs. It's a fun way to refresh or update old furniture, and doesn't take much time at all! In this tutorial I will be using a chair from the dining room collection, but feel free to follow along with any chair that you have - the steps apply to almost any piece of furniture. 

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
First, you'll need to gather supplies. The supplies you'll need for this process are:
-Staple gun
-Staples (check the size of the staple and compare to the staple gun)
-Fabric (enough to cover the surface + 2 additional inches on every side)
-Hammer or flathead screwdriver
-Wooden worksurface
bound4all5 months ago
What brand of staple gun do you use? I need to buy a new one. Thanks for the great Instructable!

I use an arrow t-55 but a arrow t-50 would suffice. I use 3/8 inch staples with it, Just the first time I did a chair is all. I would only buy a arrow or stanley myself.

NickS211 month ago

Helped me alot, thanks so much was worried about the corners.