How to Read Manga on Your Kindle





Introduction: How to Read Manga on Your Kindle

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This instructable will show you how to read your manga on your kindle!!!!

(This can also be done with comics)

What you need:

1) a program for kindle by Kovid Goyal
• Calibre   (it's free and you can download it here)

2) Manga files ( preferably in JPEG, PNG, or JPG)
• it doesn't matter whether they're  compressed or not

3) WinRAR, 7zip, or any other tool similar to these

4) a kindle (of course) with its usb cable

Step 1: Making the Files Compatible for Calibre

Calibre is a program that can convert, import, or export books or files for your kindle. 
A regular folder full of picture is not considered to be a file that can be converted.

1) If you have a .RAR file, Extract the files. (If it is not compressed, skip to the next step)
• Right click, select your decompresser ( I use 7zip), then extract here

2) Open up your folder that is NOT compressed and highlight all the contents or just press Ctrl A
(should only be picture files)

3) Right click the highlighted files and select "send to", and then "Compressed (zipped) folder"

Now Calibre will consider it to be a readable file! 

Step 2: Converting and Importing Your Manga

Now your files can be converted and imported.

1) open up Calibre and on the top left corner, select add books

2) select the compressed (zipped) folder(s) you have made and wait for them to upload

3) highlight the you manga files and right-click them
• select "convert books" and then "convert individually" (or "bulk convert" if you're doing more than one)
•then select "MOBI output" on the left side and then "OK"
(converting them will take a while)

4) Now plug in your Kindle and right click the files you want to import to your kindle
• select "send to device" and then "send to main memory"

5) Now you're done!!! eject your kindle and enjoy reading your manga anywhere!

UPDATE: For pages that are scanned two pages at a time, you can split them by choosing the "right to left" 
option in the "comic input" section during conversion.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below and i'll try my hardest to answer them A.S.A.P.



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Idk if anyone's posted this yet (tldr and all that) but A.F.5 Rename is a good tool to use when renaming manga.

I am trying to download a manga collection from PirateBay, but the way it is named makes it hard to have all files in one folder without taking time to rename them so they go in order. Does it still work with folders? Ex: If I compressed folders a, b, and c, and the files in a start with z and the others don't, would the a files still be shown as first? Sorry if this is confusing.

2 replies

I had this same problem, and after some tinkering around at 2 AM I found a good solution.

I'm assuming the manga is similar to this situation:

There is a folder to each Volume and inside of each volume there are more folders to each chapter/ act.

To make each chapter/ act into one uniform folder that calibre can detect, Go to the folder with all the pictures, assuming those pictures are all for Chapter 1, press Ctrl+A and then right click on the first picture and click on rename. Then Type in V1C1 (Volume 1 Chapter 1) then press enter, Your files should be named V1C1 (1), V1C1 (2) and so on. Then move these files to the original Volume folder, then continue with this process with the next chapters (Chapter two would be V1C2), moving them to the original volume folder. Then highlighting all of your renamed files, put all of them into one compressed file (Probably naming it Volume 1). This way there are no pesky folders in the way, and the pages stay in the right order.

I really hope this was what you were looking for!


usually when you download manga, the files are already named so it will be easy to read in order, i don't recommend putting the files together because it will take a long time to rename the files as you said. i recommend you keeping the files in separate chapters and volumes, as this will make your life a whole lot easier

This was so useful - and it works for Kindle Fires, which is great. I wanted to read Corpse Party but couldn't afford all the books. This is great though.

Or if you have any newer kindle, you can just zip the images and put them to your books in the documents directory.

really good Post :)

Manga for kinle

Can I use PDF files?

Thank you for the great info! Finally I can get to read some manga on my old unused Kindle! Yey!

I WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!! and it was the whole reason I got a Kindle... but I'm picky so i have to bring something up. I noticed that the cover fills the screen from top to bottom yet every page in the book following has a small margin at the bottom and it squishes the rest of the page. is there any way to get rid of that margin? I was thinking it had something to do with the file size but the cover is just fine and dandy. THANKS!


Despite wasting literally hours, I can not get this method to work. First I was getting errors because apparently sub-folders aren't allowed. After I found this out, it doesn't matter how i name the files it REFUSES to put them in the right order. I tried CH01 (1...) for all chapter 1 files, then CH02 (1...) for chapter 2, etc. When that wouldn't work, I tried naming them all the same and let windows auto number them. However, despite them being in the right order on Windows, they still have no real pattern on the device. Unless I create 81 seperate e-books or manually name each picture as 000001, 000002; then I can't get this method to work. Probably spent more time working on getting this to work then it I would have spent reading them...

So I have a lot of One Piece I'm trying to making to to one book but after I compress it all and go to change it into a book I always get an error and I don't know why. Does all the files have to be the same? ie All jpeg or all png not a mix of the two?

Hi, this is an incredible instructable. But I just found that most of the comics currently offered on the US Amazon is restricted only to certain devices. And as an owner of Mac and Kindle Touch (2011), I could buy/download the manga in the first place (ex: "Give My Regards to Black Jack" series). So would you please tell me how you downloaded the files to your PC?

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What do you mean by restricted? If you mean that you cannot access the files you bought, you can always sync them to your computer's kindle application and just access the files from there. (right-click kindle app in app folder and choose show package contents and then go to resources.) If you would like to know how to get manga files from elsewhere, email me at and i would be happy to send you some links!