When you venture into the wilderness, plan the means for a safe return. Unless you sincerely intend to get back to nature for an extended period of time then you may need some map reading and navigation skills in order to return to the usual comforts of your everyday life.

for more information on how to navigate using a topo map:

Step 1: What Do You Need

A map or map set of the area and know how to read it. What you want is a topographical map which shows elevation and preferably uses the UTM coordinate system.

A wealth of map resources exist online but a map printed from and online source may not include all the necessary information.

A good source for paper maps is the US Geological Survey (USGS) http://topomaps.usgs.gov/
<p>great instructions!.... double plus good!...</p>
<p>great instructions!.... double plus good!...</p>

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