How to Record Music for Free or Next to Nothing


Introduction: How to Record Music for Free or Next to Nothing

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I am in a small band and we have wanted to record music but without dishing out alot of money, so i came up with this

Step 1: Get Materials

1) an instrument
2) a computer
3) Audacity
4) a 1/4 to 1/8 stereo jack
5) an amp with a send
6) a patch cord
7) possibly a microphone

Step 2: Download Adacity

Download Adacity from the cite and i would recomend downloading the lame thing

Step 3: Find

find the pink plug in on your comp it may have a mic on it mine is in the front yours may be in the back

Step 4: Go and Record Sorta

plug in the amp and go from send to the port on the computer. than go to the bottom of the screen at the little speaker and doulble click on it and go to opton properties click on record and highlight everything then hit ok and click select on microphone

Step 5: Now Record

got to audacity and record hit the big red button



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    You can also try the CoolEdit, it is really awesome.


    i thought this was for pirating music with audacity.

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    lol you couldif you wanted it aint that hard but that is illegal =] but alls you have to do is switch it to stereo mix =]

    I use it to convert my criTunes to mp3 for my Nintendo DS. And other things...


    you use flash cards for your DS?

    Games 'n' Music, since I don't like ordering things(the good ones) off the intarweb.

    yeah, you can pirate music with audacity, just click the edit button, then preferences and change the recording device to the sound card, then whatever plays through your sound card you can record, you should also switch to stereo, that way you get both channels


    i used to do that when limewire didnt work. its pretty useful when you want to record sound effects on a game!

    Well you could get the original sound effects, i managed to decompress .ogg files from a game that contains sound FX ans Backround music

    The Magic one is the MIC in, It is usually pink.

    This will record fine, but don't use this for immediate feedback. On my computer with Audacity and an electric bass guitar there is about a 0.3 second delay from when I hit the string to when the sound comes out of the speakers. You cannot stand listening to the delay. It is like talking on the phone when your voice is echoing back at you. If anyone knows how to correct that, it would help me. Also I cannot get any volume. I have to crank everything up to get a noticeable blip on Audacity.

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    That never happened with my mic.(never tried an instrument)

    its this thing called asio4all...
    basically the delay thing happened to me....well im not a big computer nerd but from what i know that has something to do with latency and recording stuff....well if u have a firebox to plug in all ur stuff, it should come with asio, wich gets better speed and stuff,no delay. i used mixcraft thuogh, im gonna download audacity, but it should work on any program. u get asio4all or another free asio thingy andd then it should be on preferences or sumthing..

    I do not usually use Audacity for recording music, but what works for me is to use a splitter (connected to amp) and run one line to the mic. input on computer and plug head phones into the other jack of the splitter. I just listen through the head phones eliminating any delay. (=

    on my have to turn everything down even the pregain

    the software you want in order to stop the delay is called ASIO4ALL this allows you to stream audio faster through your card. windows is not built for multimedia apps and so things like recording audio get a very low priority in the application stack. ASIO4ALL works around this limitation. you should be able to record multiple tracks with tolerable delay (around 10ms) with even a modest machine. it's been a while since i was recording with windows but you should not have volume problems. try to tell your system that you are sending it "line in" not microphone, that should help a little and there should be a windows recording volume and an input volume in audacity (next to the mic) they should be independent of each other. make sure both are turned up.

    there is another way. if you use an audio cord connected to your guitar with an adapter, plugged into the computer, you can record with audacity directly from the guitar, eliminating the need for an amp.