Step 2: Eat Some Chocolate!!!

It took a lot of wrappers to make these, so eat up! I would suggest saving them for a while.
cute thought. I'd make sure they were tiny 'beads' or they'd rip. You could use something like mode podge to make the paper a few layer thick before cutting and threading to make them last a bit better.
I have to make this! THank you!
OMG at the end of hannuka (a jewish holiday in which chocolate coins called gelt are given out instead of money) we always have sooooooo many wrappers left and they all get thrown out. Im really big on recycling and never thought of this b4, so thanx!!! will do (if i rmbr, i mean decembers 2 months away... haha)<br>--alyakpink &lt;3

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