Step 2: Hard Candy

For hard candy you really want to look for stuff that is solid all the way through rather than having a hard candy shell. For example Tootsie Roll Pops and Blow Pops are hard to reuse because the tootsie roll and gum and Tootsie Rolls belong in the chewy category. It's not impossible to reuse these, just more difficult. Now, the best way to reuse hard candy in most cases is to separate it by flavor and then crush it into powder. Once powdered you have several options:

The candy can be mixed into melted chocolate.
Mint in dark chocolate.
Butterscotch in milk chocolate.

It can be mixed into a hot drink such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Cold drinks like milkshakes or smoothies also work well.
Cinnamon in hot chocolate.
Peppermint in a milkshake

Cool/room temperature drinks require that hard candy be crushed into an extremely fine powder otherwise it won't dissolve.
Cherry jolly rancher mixed into a Dr. Pepper
Butterscotch mixed into Mountain Dew. (I'm not saying I recommend or that I've ever tried it just know that you have options)

Or mixed into Icing for cakes or cupcakes
You can also use some candy to make other candy that might be more desirable - such as making Butterfingers out of leftover candy corns.
You can also sort by colour and make stained-glass cookies - Make sugar cookies with lots of cut-outs, fill cut-outs with crushed hard candies, bake. The hard candy will melt creating a coloured-glass effect within the cut-out portion of the cookie. Very pretty.
In Australia we don't have Halloween candy collectors..although last year I had my FIRST ever kids turn up at the front door dressed in costume! For the first time in months I had candy, so phew! I didn't notice egg cartons in their little witchypoo pockets, but you can't be too careful as a Halloween virgin!<br>However interesting your ideas are, are you actually telling me, your pry these candy goodies from the hands of children to recycle them?<br>I always thought the children dressed up, mugged the neighbors of candy, then consumed in abandon until lapsing into sugar induced coma's!
You sure have thought of everything here!! Such a great idea and very well done instructable, I found it to be a fun read even though I would never have the opportunity to do any of it (no kids = no candy).<br> <br> I did have a question about one of the photos in the set near that incredibly inventive Gummy Bear Lamp (is it yours??) - the picture of &quot;Candy Heaven&quot;. I cannot tell if it is a side-by-side collage of the many types of candy, or if it's an actual &quot;Bulk Barn&quot; retail situation. I could not imagine that massive layout being real, it would be a nightmare to keep each type sorted and maintained. Was this a photo you found on the net? I would love to learn the circumstances of this mesmerising picture.<br> <br> Again, great job!!<br> ~Dave~
The lamp isn't mine. I found all of the images online. I was just using them to illustrate ideas. The &quot;candy heaven&quot; picture is not a collage. It was from a store that I have no affiliation with. Similar stores used to be very common in American malls, but they are getting harder to come by.
This is a robust list!

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