How to Redecorate an Old Chair





Introduction: How to Redecorate an Old Chair

Check out this tutorial where I show you an easy DIY on How to redecorate an old chair!

Also, find me on Youtube or on my website for weekly videos about: Spray Paint Art – Rainbow Hair – 3D printing pens – ChalkBoard Cars – How To guides – DIY Art and more!



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    you're so talented! love your videos too. wish I had a 3doodler.

    These are awesome! I love the opening shot of you in all your different outfits sitting in all the chairs too! Does the fabric come untucked if you sit in the chairs?

    Thanks :) I had fun making that part! The fabric has stayed in pretty well. But I think if you choose slippery fabric it might come out.

    That makes sense :) We have a rainbow contest coming up later this summer and I can't wait to see what you do!

    OMG a rainbow contest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when!!! how!!! where!!! when!??? tell me everything you know of this contest! :) please please please.

    That's awesome that you can just push the fabric underneath the plastic part of the seat. Looks flawless!