Step 5: Make it more inviting

Picture of Make it more inviting
When I approached the office of fungus amungus I was honestly a little intimidated. He had a gold record on the wall, after all.

I decided to make his office a little more inviting. The most inviting thing I could think of was furry fabric, but unfortuately I could not cover the entire door. I ran out. So, I figured the next most inviting thing was yellow felt, but that did not cover the entire door either. So, I ended up adding some blue linen and brown other stuff. The effect?

Very inviting!

So inviting, in fact, that I felt welcomed to move inside of his office where I first noticed his chair lacked a backing! This is not very ergonomic. I decided to find him every chair that I could with a backing so that he could try them all out. I'm sure he will appreciate that.