How to Reduce Camera Shake With a Camera Strap





Introduction: How to Reduce Camera Shake With a Camera Strap

Are you trying to reduce camera shake when doing handheld filming?

There are different techniques that you can use to avoid camera shake and get stable handheld video footage. One of the tricks is to use a camera strap! In this Instructable, we will show you how to use a camera strap to reduce camera shake while shooting.

Step 1: Pull the Strap Tight When You Are Shooting or Panning the Camera.

Many of you might already have a camera strap on your camera, but you might not use it in the correct way.

The key is to pull the strap tight when you are shooting or panning the camera. It will reduce the camera shake from hand-held shooting and produce a nice quality shot.



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    This is just an ad for Filmora. It is annoying that they posted three ads disguised as simple ways to stop camera shake.