Upcycling is an upgrade for recycling. Every time you upcycle something, you're saving it from the landfill and/or from recycling. Recycling is great! But but can still take a toll on the environment as well as use a lot of energy. This upcycling project uses only your bio-energy and keeps you from having to recycle!

This instructable is for turning an old CD cover into a journal. This project is just one of many upcycling ideas for those old CD covers you have just laying around and once you get the hang of the process, you may even be able to turn this upcycling project into a profit!


Step 1: Materials.

You need:

-CD Cover
-Recycled Paper
-Mod Podge or Glue
-Paper Cutter or Scissors or Exacto-knife
-Needle and Thread
This is awesome! I've been saving my old cd covers for a long time, and they've just been taking up space. Now I know what to do with them!!! Thanks sooooooo much!
I will have to admit that I must be dense. Even with the pictures it is quite hard to understand all the way through . Even with the pictures . I love the idea but am left with the feeling that I will have to figure it out for my self . GREAT IDEA THOUGH!!!!
&nbsp;Thanks, was really fun and easy, except for the sewing bit which I got confused in so I just made up as I went along :)<br /> Also as a fun addition, I scattered pages of the lyrics booklet throughout the notebook (second picture) so you get a surprise every so often!<br /> These are going to be xmas pressies!
Very cool!<br />
instead of sewing through the cover, you could do this - stich those sheets of paper to a strong piece of cardboard then stick the piece of cardboard to the cover although im not sure if the cardboard will hold things in place for long....you could try something on these lines to make it look "cleaner"
Am I being dense? I don't know what you're making here. About 3/4 of the way through, a journal is mentioned. You might me more explicit in your title and intro. Nicely done otherwise.
You're right. Gonna have'ta re-edit the intro. Thanks!

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