Step 12: Reassemble Your Cabinets

Picture of Reassemble Your Cabinets
You will have to wait another night for the glue on the caps to dry. Then you should be ready to reassemble your cabinets.

Put a few drops of superglue into the screw holes where the drivers mount to the cabinets. MDF is good for one assembly (at best.) After that...meh. These Advents have Pecan hardwood faces. They wanna rock.

Make sure you put all the wires back in correct phase and on the correct drivers.

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No go and rock out!
MTJimL3 years ago
Really fine Instructable! Like the personal touches. Now, maybe you can tell me where to find replacement drivers and how to tell if they will match the cabinet's acoustics. Keep up the good work.
rippa7004 years ago
Brilliant instructable thanks. I was about to abandon an old 1970's pait of Boston Acoustics that have knackered foam. They have sat unused for 4 years since I saw the damage as I couldn't bear to part with them. Now I don't have to. Thanks.
Is it plain white glue?? or theres something special about it?? I say this because I need to refoam a pair of 10" infinity's and I can buy the foam for 4 bucks each!!!
emergencydpt.com (author)  hell_raiser_15 years ago
It looks like plain white glue to me. I suspect it's elmers but I have no way of testing.
Exactly !!!!!!, I did some testing with an old piece of foam, clear drying-yellow glue (which is exactly the same as the finest Elmers but with a higher viscosity), and glue it to a metal and I couldn't believe my eyes, I wasn't able to take it apart without tearing out the foam. Great Instructable !!!!!
Homibeef5 years ago
You got lucky that only the foam was shot. Heritages are nice speakers. Good tutorial too.
emergencydpt.com (author)  Homibeef5 years ago
Thanks for your comment. I agree, the Heritage speaker is great. I keep my eyes pealed for them on craigslist. Never know when a pair will show up for twenty bucks!
jac hawk6 years ago
fantastic very very very helpful
Great instructable thanks man i have searching for this cind of instructable for a long time TNX. good work