How to Remotely Shutdown/ Restart/ Logoff any Computer (Prank)

Picture of How to Remotely Shutdown/ Restart/ Logoff any Computer (Prank)
I DO NOT recommend doing this at school. First off, you can get yourself in to big crap if you do.
Second, Administrators block cmd.exe so you can't do stuff like this.(Easy to pass though. They already have a bunch of Instructables on how.)

Also, I dont know if this is considered hacking or not, so only do it to people who wouldn't care.

Now that I am done being Mr. Strict, the boring old normal teacher, lets get started!
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Step 3: The Fun Part

Picture of The Fun Part
Ok, once you get back to your computer, you should wait until you know your victim is on his/her computer. Run cmd.exe on your computer (Wow, you can do a lot with Command Prompt, huh?). Type in (Without quotes):

"shutdown -i"

This opens up a window called Remote Shutdown Dialog. Click on the "Add" button and type in your victim's IP adress (Yes, you can prank multiple victims at one time.). Click OK and choose what you want to do to thier computer (Shutdown, Restart, Logoff) If you want to rub it in thier face, check Warn Users of Action and set the time that it will take for them to save thier stuff. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE PLANNED BOX!!! If you don't it can mess up thier computer (Well, they can when it turns back on.) And if you really want to rub it in thier face, you can add a comment like: "Haha loser you just got PRANKED!!! You have exactly 20 seconds to save your stuff! What an idiot!!". You know, someting really sutle and light.
legocreator27 months ago
Just use the tracert command to trace a websites IP instead of actually getting to the computer
mnovelli21 year ago
Tanmay Das2 years ago
Nice one,
But try this:
1) Open Notepad and type:
@echo off
set /p vic= Enter the IP of your victim :
shutdown -m \\%vic% -r -c "You R just H4CK3D. Sucker. Shutdown in 20 secs. HA HA...." -t 60
echo Victim Hacked....

2) Save it as anything.bat.
3) When you run it, it'll ask for your victim's IP. Enter it and you are done.

It's not perfect, It's just v1.0, v2.0 will come soon.
Have fun.
GameNox (author)  Tanmay Das2 years ago
Cool! Thanks!

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