Introduction: How to Remotely Shutdown/ Restart/ Logoff Any Computer (Prank)

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I DO NOT recommend doing this at school. First off, you can get yourself in to big crap if you do.
Second, Administrators block cmd.exe so you can't do stuff like this.(Easy to pass though. They already have a bunch of Instructables on how.)

Also, I dont know if this is considered hacking or not, so only do it to people who wouldn't care.

Now that I am done being Mr. Strict, the boring old normal teacher, lets get started!

Step 1: Steal the IP Adress!

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To shudown or whatever you want to do, you first need your victim's IP adress. This is the computer's connection to the Internet. The easist and fastest way to is to run cmd.exe (Command Prompt) on your victim's computer. Click start and then run. Type in cmd.exe and click the RUN button. Type in this afrer Command Prompt opens (NO QUOTES!):


Copy the IP down on a piece of paper.

Step 2: Run Back to Your Computer!!!

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Get away from your victim's computer before they catch you!!!!

Step 3: The Fun Part

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Ok, once you get back to your computer, you should wait until you know your victim is on his/her computer. Run cmd.exe on your computer (Wow, you can do a lot with Command Prompt, huh?). Type in (Without quotes):

"shutdown -i"

This opens up a window called Remote Shutdown Dialog. Click on the "Add" button and type in your victim's IP adress (Yes, you can prank multiple victims at one time.). Click OK and choose what you want to do to thier computer (Shutdown, Restart, Logoff) If you want to rub it in thier face, check Warn Users of Action and set the time that it will take for them to save thier stuff. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE PLANNED BOX!!! If you don't it can mess up thier computer (Well, they can when it turns back on.) And if you really want to rub it in thier face, you can add a comment like: "Haha loser you just got PRANKED!!! You have exactly 20 seconds to save your stuff! What an idiot!!". You know, someting really sutle and light.


Jimis123 (author)2018-01-17

If i get my friends IP using Whireshark and put it in the Remote Shutdown Dialog will it work?

rojhack (author)2017-09-18

I think a much smarter way to get the victim's ip rather take the chance your victim will catch you is to get the ip remotely by first typing in your cmd "net show" to bring up computers on your network, and then type "tracert [computer name]" and it will bring up its ip.

jay_s (author)2017-03-14

cant you just look up the IP adress on google coz i found that quick and easy and if you find i hard to find the ip adress in cmd

imfromlappo (author)2017-02-16

Can I do this from Win 8 to win 8? I tried but I got Sys error 5

HumbertoN3 (author)2016-03-17

it says access denyed, how do i fix that after i typed all the stuff in

blackhol1 (author)HumbertoN32016-06-15

Run the command prompt or console in admin mode. Right click on the command prompt icon when you search it and click run as administrator.

SkullBlazer (author)blackhol12017-01-23

What if I don't have administrator's password?

EliK17 (author)blackhol12016-10-13

That didnt work i still got sys error 5

Megamind2 (author)2017-01-15

actually it only worked on win xp , on new windows it needs a permissions,
(like u need to get that with a backdoor u added on victims system before)
but at all
easiest way to get peoples ip address with no command
download "wireless network watcher" application and just run it , it will give u device information and local ip address

GaminglyA (author)2017-01-13

what if my victims computer is a macbook air?

NLamki (author)2016-09-02

Instead of the ip I just add the computers that are in the network...But it says "access Denied"...does this mean I have to use my teachers computer ? (He is network Admin).

IyaduhujeC (author)NLamki2017-01-02

so, how to shut down other computer while you're using your own??

СашаУ (author)2015-05-18

what to do if it says "access denied" is there a way to bypass that?

SamuelE11 (author)СашаУ2015-10-26

Simple! Open notepad type "command" and "Save as" a .bat file, save it to the desktop to easily find it. Open and Voici!

SamuelE11 (author)SamuelE112015-10-26

Also type in cmd, "telnet" so you can watch Star Wars before you are suspended

^^^^^^^ only works in telnet and to activate you need admin access

pourquoib (author)СашаУ2016-03-10

Just change your IP or computer name config, it is often a mistype.

SebastianI3 (author)СашаУ2015-11-03

Right click and select "Run as Administrator"

AjayS15 (author)2015-06-01

it's not possible to go to another computer and know the IP address and run back to my computer, any easy "cmd" to know other computer IP address at same network ??????????

TrevorF22 (author)AjayS152016-11-05

type in arp -a

You'll get a list of all the IP address on the network

MakerMan101 (author)AjayS152015-06-01

A quick way to find out the IP address of your victim's computer, all you need to do is make your way to your victim's computer, open command prompt, then enter:


after entering that, a few things will popup, just scroll down (or up) until you see

IPv4 Address...........................: [IP ADDRESS HERE]

that's it! Simple and easy!

pourquoib (author)MakerMan1012016-03-10

Or go to command prompt and enter in "net view" it will show all computers near you and on the same network that you can do this.

Andreas230301 (author)AjayS152015-07-28

If you write "net view" in cmd. You will get every PC on the network that is turned on. After that you write "tracert PCname" and you have the ip

bgibson72 (author)2016-10-12

You won't be able to do this unless you enable the true admin account on each PC by running an elevated CMD and entering 'net user administrator /active:yes' or change the LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy registry key. Look under

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Cur rentVersion\Policies\System

If it doesn't exist, you have to create it. Just Google 'how to fix system error 5' and that should lead you in the right direction...(Un)fortunately you just can't go shutting down everyone's PC with their IP.

JulietB7 (author)2016-08-03

Tools like on premise R-HUB remote support servers allows you to remotely restart, shutdown or logoff any computer.

LeylaB5 (author)2016-06-15

try smashing their screen

AlexD179 (author)2016-03-30

Access denied, why? Help please?

NurD4 (author)2016-03-15

what can i do if i use visual basic to search ip address and shutdown them ..

ThatRG (author)2014-05-02

is there no way to get the IP without going to the persons computer, cus it is a bit obvious in the middle of class randomly going over to a persons computer and do this?

pourquoib (author)ThatRG2016-03-10

In cmd enter in net view to see all computers you can attck'

pourquoib (author)ThatRG2016-03-10

In cmd enter in net view to see all computers you can attck'

pourquoib (author)ThatRG2016-03-10

In cmd enter in net view to see all computers you can attck'

HyperionH (author)ThatRG2015-05-04

You can use a software called "Nmap", it shows all LAN ip's on your network. Although, the school might block downloads. In that case, just bring a flash drive containing the .exe file. :) Hope that helped

JakeGilbert (author)ThatRG2014-06-30

go onto command prompt and type in netview

it will list all of the pcs connected to your wifi and show you the IP ( assuming that all of your school computers are connected to the same network)

Happyned (author)JakeGilbert2015-04-30

Or just type in ping (username here)

georgem8 (author)ThatRG2015-01-22

get them to e-mail you. then on the email either press show header or its show original. copy ALL OF IT then put it into this website.

Some Individual (author)2016-01-24

I did this but it keeps saying "Access is denied.(5)" in the command prompt.
What am I doing wrong?

If you cant run as administrator your intering in an invalid IP or computer name.

If you cant run as administrator your intering in an invalid IP or computer name.

EthanS35 (author)Some Individual2016-02-02

right click cmd and run as administrator. see if that works

Doc Penguin (author)2016-01-01

help me guys

it comes up as ipv4 adress

is that the one i have to use??

pourquoib (author)Doc Penguin2016-03-10

You use iPv4 as the targets IP.

To search for other PC's connected across a Homegroup or LAN connection, just enter in nslookup "computer name here" without the " marks

CodeSmartz (author)Doc Penguin2016-03-09

Yes ma'am

Farid007 (author)Doc Penguin2016-01-07

Yes this is the one you need

Doc Penguin (author)Farid0072016-01-08

also, im planning on doing this on all my schools computers ;)

BUT when i try this it comes up as: 192.168.XXX.XXX ERİŞİM ENGELLENMİŞTİR (5).

translation access denied or smt like that

how can i bypass that??

emildaso (author)2016-02-03

When i do it, it just stops working... What am i doing wrong??

CodeSmartz (author)emildaso2016-03-09

Same, are you doing this at school?

JamesR178 (author)2016-02-15

CTL-ALT-END will give you the same as CTL-ALT-Del on your local pc. Once you have done this you get the power off button available. Choose Shut-down. Bingo... a lot easier than having to use the command line.

ILOVETOHACK (author)2016-02-05

which is super super hard:(

ILOVETOHACK (author)2016-02-05

ok ok ok something tells me this does not work IP address only come by acess another computer and to do that is not allowed and is called hacking I love hacking but this is black and emil I think you are trying to shutdown routers

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