Pour Away Beer in 1 Second, Unbelievable!!!!





Introduction: Pour Away Beer in 1 Second, Unbelievable!!!!

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In this video, without breaking the glass, you can remove all the beer from a bottle in just 1 second. You can use this trick to win free drinks for sure, I show you how



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    why did you waste a beer for this video? you could've used an empty and water. that will flatten out the beer. ah well, nice instructable.

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    hahaha, this is actually not a beer, the liquid inside is TEA + SOAP, so make it look like beer...of course I won't waste the beer....

    Yeah replace the soap & water with actual beer and then they get that terrible goat-urine flavor.....wait.....

    I don't mind if you'd spill Calsberg :) Karhu or Lapin Kulta tastes better :P (note that it is a matter of taste and is just ment as a joke here) Does Carlsberg even get exported to other countries?

    we have it in Canada =3
    we get lots of British/Irish/European beers at our liquor store. they must be trying to make us fancy =p

    Pun +1 It's true- is there a way that doesn't flatten the beer while you're doing it? Surely if you put the straw in and don't blow into it, it would still empty in a few seconds?

    Yeah, this is actually a really popular way to drink beer amongst my friends and I. you can drink it way way faster with the bendy straw.

    oh..... here a better idea that doesnt wast time or make you do extra dishes......... take a straw and put it in the beer then ..............just drink it rite out of the bottle! lol!!!~!!!!~!!!~!!!~!!! TA-DA!

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    I think the plan is you say " can i have this beer if i can pour it all out in less than a second", then you drink the beer you pour

    Where I come from, this is called a "strawpedo" - although the idea is to insert the straw and drink the contents as fast as possible.