Introduction: How to Remove Chrome From RC Rims

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As soon as that chrome finish start peeling off your rims become unsightly.An easy way to fix that is to totally remove the finish and dye the rims. In this tutorial I’ll go through the steps in order about removing that finish and dying the rim.

For this project you will need oven cleaner, RIT Dye, a Ziploc bag, and nylon or vinyl disposable gloves (optional).

Note: Oven cleaners contain very dangerous chemicals and hand, eye, and mouth protection is highly recommended.

Step 1: Preperation

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Begin by cleaning off any dirt from the rims. Once they are all cleaned and dried, spray a each one once with oven cleaner. The oven cleaner is a strong chemical so make sure to wear eye and hand protection if possible.


Step 2: Remove Chrome

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Now place the rims with a coat of foamed up oven cleaner in a Ziploc bag and close it tightly to insure all the chrome is dissolved, leave the rims in the bag overnight, but If you find they are finished earlier take them out. When they are done wash them off with warm water. The rims should now be a white or yellowish color. You are now ready to move on to dyeing the rims.

Note: These ones are happen to be black because of the nylon used. Most won't be.


zack247 (author)2010-11-12

how do you dye the rims?

poweply909 (author)2010-03-01

can you do this without removing the tire from the wheel?

tycoonman (author)poweply9092010-05-03

Sorry, haven't logged onto this for a while. Yeah, it will work with the tires on. You can also dye with them on.

jimmytvf (author)2010-02-28

holy sh*t if i known this before i didn't mess up mine by using decapant U_U

zack247 (author)2009-12-13

this is really cool. i don't have any rims to use it on, (my sector 7 nsx-r just has silver ones) but it'll come in handy when i need to know

zack247 (author)zack2472009-12-13

forgot to ask: would this work to take any paint off rc rims?

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