This instructable is on how to turn a glass of dirty water into a glass of clear water using simple household items. It doesn't commpletly clean the water but it is a fun hands on experiment for little kids.

Step 1: Materials

What you will need:
An empty 2 liter bottle
A paper bag
A table spoon measurer

You could have tried by decreasing the widthe of the mouth of the bottle and filling on the top with gravel, sand and tissues. <br>
charcoal would work very well too as a filter. <br>but watch aout germs and bacterias : I fear they're too smal to be blocked by paper filter (any paper).
A coffee filter will work MUCH better. <br> <br>Or if you want to teach the kiddies, try a LOT of pinholes in the bad, and fill it with clean sand. <br>That's part of how the Earth makes clean drinking water, so why not us too? :-)
Yeah I forgot to mention that you could use a coffee filter. All I had was paper bags.
What is the salt doing in this experiment?
The salt keeps the smaller pieces of dirt from going into the cleaner water, it acts as a filter.
making salt water?

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