How to Remove Gloves (Personal Protective Equipment) Without Spreading Germs- Great for Ebola training

Picture of How to Remove Gloves (Personal Protective Equipment) Without Spreading Germs- Great for Ebola training

Free download of the Glove Removal Process here: Glove Removal Steps

Gloves are to be worn in many situations, industries, tasks and so forth. It doesn't matter whether you are a health services employee, teacher, food service worker or work behind a desk. Gloves help protect us from the substances, germs, chemicals and other harmful materials.

However, personal protective equipment only helps protect us if we also REMOVE it properly. If gloves aren't removed properly, you may still be negatively affected by harmful materials. The germs and other substances can seep into your clothes, be flipped onto you or others, contaminate sanitized areas, etc.

Read through the steps and practice with a set of gloves. The Glove Removal Steps will help you further OUTFOX infection to avoid illness and disease!

See the manual for this lesson and other great infection control activities:

Also see the Glo Germ kits for lessons on removing gloves properly. The simulation germs are fluorescent material that will illustrate how germs spread if gloves (and other personal protective equipment) are not removed properly. The Glo Germs come in fluorescent powder that illuminate under a UV black light. See the following link for more information:

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Step 1: Glove Removal Step 1

Picture of Glove Removal Step 1

Step 1:

With both hands gloved, grasp near the cuff of one glove and pull the glove from the wrist towards your fingertips until the glove folds over.  Be careful not to touch your skin as you reach near the inside of the glove.  

If using Glo Germ, the fluorescent material will verify whether whether you touched your skin with the contaminated glove.

Step 2: Glove Removal Step 2

Picture of Glove Removal Step 2

Step 2:

Carefully grab the fold of the glove and pull the glove away from your body until it is pulled off of your fingertips turning the glove inside out.  Be careful not to flip any particles from the glove as it is removed.

If using Glo Germ Powder, a UV black light will show if contaminated materials were spread to the floor, equipment, walls, clothing or other items.  This is one of the common causes of hospital acquired infections. 

Thanks for writing this up. More people need to know this simple trick.