Hard disk drives store a large amount of computer data - images, documents, mails, music, etc. So hard disk failure is a matter of concern for all computer users. Hard disks may get damaged due to various reasons like manufacturer fault, power crest, mechanical ailment, corrupt files, virus strike etc. And, you may have to remove the hard disk from the computer and replace it to fix the issue. The following are the steps to remove a hard disk drives from a computer.

Step 1: Switch Off the Computer

Before starting the work, switch of the computer

Step 2: Remove All the Cables to It

Safety comes first. Now remove all the cables to the UPS, CPU, and monitor.

Step 3: Open the Outer Case

It is easy – just remove the screws from the side panel. If you are confused about it, read the owner’s manual and understand how to do it.

Step 4: Identify and Locate the Hard Drive

Computer hard drive is usually heavy, and is rectangular in shape. It could be placed on a crossbar or in a cage like structure (be removable or fixed). Mostly, hard disk is located in the front of the case.

Step 5: Remove the IDE Cable and Power Connector

IDE cable may be glued to the hard disk. So, you have to be very careful. Also, pull out the power connector without damaging the metal pins.

Step 6: Remove the Hard Disk Form the Tower

Now, take the hard disk out of the computer. Use a screwdriver to open the cage (or push the switch/lever) to do this. Be very careful in this step - otherwise you may damage the hard disk.

Step 7: Take Out the Hard Disk and Keep It in a Safe Place

Hard disks are prone to severe damage form dust and moisture. So, it has to be stored in an anti-static bag, if you are not abandoning the hard disk permanently.

<p>It's a good thing to know if you want to upgrade. I had to modify my husbands' new computer with some old parts to make it better when he bought it. :)</p>

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